Memory’s Kiss ( Watcher’s Kiss Series) by Sharon Kay-a review

Memory’s Kiss (Watcher’s Kiss Series) by Sharon Kay-a review

Hearts of Darkness

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date October 17, 2016

NOTE: Memory’s Kiss by Sharon Kay is part of the multi-authored HEARTS IN DARKNESS anthology releasing October 2016. Memory’s Kiss will be released as a single in 2017. This review focuses on Memory’s Kiss only.

Vampires, shifters, demons, witches and ghosts…
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REVIEW: It was supposed to be another rescue mission to Raul and his team of Watcher Lash warriors. To rescue the hostages that Splinter captured. What Raul didn’t expect was that one of the hostages was the girl he left behind in his home town to become a Watcher warrior. Sparks fly as they both realize that their inner fires for each other never died out despite the time and distance from each other.

Yowza! Wow! Hot damn! Those are the expressions to describe Raul and Daphne’s chemistry. I seriously felt like sparks were flying off the pages at times with their off the charts chemistry. It was like their time away from each other and being reunited only made the flames burn hotter.🎵 Reunited and it feels so good 🎵sure did for this couple that’s for sure. I really enjoyed their love scenes. Their love scenes were so full of passion and rawness to it. It was the perfect mix of carnal desire and soft core romance. The ending sure was something. When Raul and Daphne finally tell each other that they love each other was so emotion-packed it was impossible for the scene to not tug at the heart strings.

Aside from all the lovey-dovey action going on between Raul and Daphne, there was many elements to like about this book. I was enjoying the second chance at love concept. The character development and growth was most definitely appreciated. Daphne is very likeable but her character came off very timid. She desired a simple life of being a teacher, being mated and having children. There is nothing wrong with what she wants in life but when she comes to accept and embrace Raul’s way of life as a warrior, I felt my admiration for her grow. And when she was able to put her fears aside to use her powers to help Raul and his team, my respect for her continued to grow.

Closing thoughts, I really liked this one. I highly recommend this one you won’t regret it. You get off the charts chemistry, awesome character growth, and appearances of previous characters that we all love.

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Reviewed by Xtina

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