Mercy by HelenKay Dimon-a review

MERCY by HelenKay Dimon-a review

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RELEASE DATE: May 6, 2014

After she infiltrated his business and betrayed his trust, a disavowed CIA agent must seek sanctuary in the bedroom of a man who will either help her, kill her, or bring her to her knees

Becca Ford is on her own. Eight months after she headed up a sting operation to take down millionaire club owner Jarrett Holt, the other agents in her special ops team have been eliminated under odd circumstances, and she needs a place to hide.

Jarrett is a man who prefers darkness to light. He deals in the only truly valuable currency—information—and his supper club caters to an exclusive clientele. It was an uncharacteristic moment of weakness when he let a woman into his life. But it’s not luck that the criminal charges disappeared . . . as did the evidence.

When Becca returns to the club seeking his help, Jarrett doesn’t want to hear her story. But he does want her body, and demands that she give it to him. He’ll keep her safe—for now—but it’ll be in his bed and on his terms, until he says they’re done.


REVIEW: MERCY is the latest adult, contemporary, erotic romance storyline from author HelenKay Dimon. I am unsure as to whether MERCY will be part of a continuing series, but there are so many more stories to tell-the secondary characters are colorful, intriguing and play a major role in the premise and buildup of MERCY. This is billionaire nightclub owner Jarrett Holt and former CIA operative Becca Ford’s storyline.

The focus of the story is a second chance at love following Becca’s heartbreaking betrayal and the subsequent imprisonment of Jarrett eight months earlier. As a CIA operative, Becca’s last assignment was to infiltrate Jarrett’s business but in doing so she found herself falling in love with the CIA’s target. Fast forward eight months and Becca is on the run-trying to stay one step ahead of the people trying to take her down-and her only option is the man she sent away months before.

The continuing relationship between Becca and Jarrett is sensual, sexual and emotionally heartbreaking. Jarrett lost his heart to Becca only to discover Becca’s love was all a ruse-a ruse to take down Jarrett and expose him for the drug dealing/international terrorist that she was told to believe. With a second chance to right the wrong, Becca will become Jarrett’s ‘temporary prisoner’ as part of a bargain to keep her safe. Meanwhile, Jarrett and those closest to him will begin to uncover the truth behind the set up, the fall and the on-going investigation that pits the CIA against everyone he knows and loves.

HelenKay Dimon has written an erotic storyline of mystery, romance and second chances that will keep the reader in suspense until the final page. The reader is pulled into a story where heartbreak and pain continue to follow two people who love one another but are caught in a web of lies, deceit and betrayal.

There are three interconnecting storylines in MERCY including the explosive and sensual relationship between Eli and Wade. Wade is Jarrett’s right hand man and best friend and, Eli is another CIA agent whose involvement in Jarrett’s take down eight months earlier has placed him on the same hit list as Becca and her former team.

HelenKay will capture your interest as the storyline builds. She weaves a tale using background information, the history between the characters and their emotional connection and, pulls everything together into a story of government betrayal, lies and uncovering the truth. Helen has done a fantastic job blending the past with the present so that the reader is pulled into a story that feels like part of an on going series but is only the first in what I hope will be many more. The characters are believable, captivating and seductive.

MERCY is a compelling story where eroticism is seductive; the romance is provocative; and the history between our leading couple is intense, intimate and passionate. If you are a fan of erotic romance storylines with a focus on suspense and a second chance at love then MERCY by HelenKay Dimon is the perfect read.

Copy supplied by the publisher through Netgalley.

Reviewed by Sandy


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