Merika’s Story by M.A. Abraham – Review & Giveaway

Merika’s Story by M.A. Abraham – Review & Giveaway


Merika's Story


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Merika’s mother surrounded her with a false sense of security, by blocking her memories and powers, to hide their identities. It all begins to unravel when her mother dies, and she is drawn back into the world of her forefathers.

Merika works to make a place for herself amongst the new people she has met. She wants to know more about her ancestors, even though she is overwhelmed by memories and powers she didn’t know she had. She likes her new home it is different. The people are genuine, and she finds an acceptance. She wants to take some time to explore this world, but others have different plans. She refuses, however, to be manipulated

As a result of his mother’s upbringing, Tyrus views most women with a degree of contempt. He wants nothing to do with them. Like Merika, he was brought up in the outside world. In the lands of his father, he finds peace, if nothing else. The last thing he needs is someone like Merika to complicate things, no matter how attracted he is to her.

Kodac is the male Primus of his world. His sons are as powerful as he is, and will one day take his place. He wants to see them settled and with a family to continue their lineage. He knows Tyrus’ mother was a major manipulator, who took him away from his father’s influence. Merika could be the solution to Tyrus, for she is a good match. He is willing to do anything to get them together, even placing her in the path of males of power. His belief is that Tyrus will act on their mutual attraction, rather than see her in the arms of another man



Merika’s Story by M.A. Abraham is the first book in her Daughters of the Valley series.  It is always exciting to find out what M.A. Abraham has in store for us whenever she starts a new series.   M. A. Abraham gives us another wonderful romance of two people determined to fight their destiny.  She has a wonderful imagination, and always gives us a different and fun new world-building. 

We meet Merika, our heroine, immediately as she is driving into a major storm.  When her car gets stuck, Merika is forced to walk along a dark road to find a place for safety. With her aggravation and fears, she unknowingly is making the storm more severe and dangerous.  As Merika enters a hidden realm, she begins to sense something pulling her.  While Merika is coming toward them, we meet those who live in the Valley (hidden realm), as they sense a powerful force coming.  We meet Sephora and her daughter Serena, who worry about this new powerful person.  We will also meet Kodac, a male leader of this world, and his sons Tyrus and Rodan.  When Merika comes face to face with these people, her fears will escalate, causing her unknown power to rise.  It will take both Kodac and Tyrus to stabilize Merika. 

What follows is a wonderful story about Merika learning about her true past and getting to know all the people in the Valley.  She will learn her recently deceased mother’s origin, and how to use her powers.  Merika will become best friends with Serena, who is also a powerful female alpha. 

Kodac was a wonderful character, who only wanted what was best for his sons.  He did everything to befriend Merika, and help push her toward his son, Tyrus, whom he felt were perfect for each other.  Tyrus is the heir apparent to be the Alpha Prime of the Valley. But best laid plans do not always work out, as both of them were stubborn and independent, causing them to get off on the wrong foot.  But Merika was a wonderful heroine, whom everyone liked, including all the other men who were interested.  This of course frustrated Tyrus, who did not want to become involved in a relationship, but found himself being drawn to Merika, despite his determination not to.

Merika’s Story was a different type of world, with powerful people, who lived in peace.  It was a fun and lighthearted story line, with wonderful characters created by Abraham.

Reviewed by Barb

Copy supplied for review



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