Miami, Mistletoe and Murder (Red Stone Security #4) by Katie Reus

Miami, Mistletoe and Murder (Red Stone Security #4) by Katie Reus

MIAMI, MISTLETOE and MURDER (Red Stone Security #4) by Katie Reus

MIAMI, MISTLETOE and MURDER is the 4th storyline (October 31, 2012 release) in Katie Reus’s Red Stone Security contemporary romance mystery series focusing on the men who work for Red Stone Security in Miami Florida. This is Travis and Noel’s story.

Travis Sanchez is a former marine currently on paid vacation from Red Stone Security where he just completed a rough assignment. A quiet man, Travis hides behind the façade of several tattoos and body piercings. And Travis has only one woman on his mind-Noel Baskov. Noel is the owner of the local coffee house that Travis has frequented for over a year. And it has taken Travis some time to get up the nerve to ask Noel out. But on this day, Travis will find Noel worried about a young girl whose mother is being harassed by an ex-boyfriend.

When Travis and Noel arrive, they will soon discover that the ex-boyfriend is armed and to protect Alisa and her young daughter, Travis will have to make a split second decision to save innocent lives. But Noel and Travis will soon discover that not only was the ex-boyfriend looking for revenge, but someone else is now hoping to make trouble for Alisa and the man who saved her life. And to do that, he will go through Noel to exact his revenge.

Travis is the quiet hero who is reluctant to make waves or involve anyone in his private affairs. Two deployments overseas have forced Travis to take a long hard look at what he wants and he wants Noel. When the couple are finally able to have some time alone, Travis’s seduction of Noel on a park side bench is amazing. You could almost feel the electricity and stomach curling sensation. For any man to pull off that feat under the blanket (in public) all I can say is—swooooon much !!!

Most of the action takes place the week before Christmas, and like many novellas, the relationship is very quick to develop. Travis and Noel had been dancing around each other for close to a year and when Travis is ready to take the next step he will find himself both guardian and protector to the woman with whom he was falling in love.

MIAMI, MISTLETOE and MURDER is a fantastic storyline with some mystery, seduction and one hell of an amazing bedroom sequence where we discover the use of one particular body piercing for Travis and Noel. Everyone needs to find their own Travis Sanchez-even if for only one night !!!!!

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8 thoughts on “Miami, Mistletoe and Murder (Red Stone Security #4) by Katie Reus

  1. Okay this one sounds really good too Sandy. Dammit so many books so little time, aaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I love the title of this book too, it’s catchy. Ummm I can only imagine where said piercing is Sanyd, and I’ll take a Travis Sanchez for one night. Where do I sign up?????? 😉

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