Michel / Striker (Bayou Heat #15 & #16) by Alexandra Ivy and Laura Wright-a review

Michel / Striker (Bayou Heat 15 & 16) by Alexandra Ivy and Laura Wright-a review


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About the book: Release Date June 9, 2015

Michel doesn’t trust Dr. Chelsea Young. Why should he? She willingly worked as a researcher for the humans who were using Pantera as lab animals. Unfortunately, his suspicions haven’t kept his cat from becoming obsessed with the need to possess the beautiful female.

Chelsea is determined to atone for her youthful mistakes. Even if that means working with the aggravating Michel who refuses to believe she now wants to help the Pantera. Together they must overcome their mutual animosity to track down her former boss, Stanton Locke, before he can commit the ultimate betrayal.


Michel is a Pantera; a panther shifter of the Wildlands of New Orleans, and a man who is both attracted to and repulsed by the beautiful but painfully scarred human Dr. Chelsea Young. Chelsea was a research analyst in Stanton Locke’s lab where countless numbers of experiments were performed on the panther shifters. Her rescue has led to some hostile encounters but none more so than those from Michel who believes the beautiful doctor cannot be trusted. When the leader of the Pantera orders Michel and Chelsea to investigate Locke’s latest test facilities, Michel is determined to uncover all of Chelsea’s secrets. What ensues is a developing relationship and eventual mating between Michel and Dr. Young but not before the rescue of a number of imprisoned Panteras and a human female found locked in the labs. Revenge will come from a different source when Stanton Locke protects the woman that he loves.


Dark, damaged and definitely gorgeous, Striker is all about the mission. And when the mission’s over? The Hunter is out of there. That is, until one of Locke’s lab rats is forced on him—a beautiful, pained female who needs sex to survive.

The lovely Twelve was abducted and taken to the labs several years ago. Used for breeding, she was given drugs that make her irresistible to males. It was a hellish, lonely life. But she’s free now, and determined to discover the truth about her past. If only the road to that truth didn’t involve the heartless male she can’t stop herself from wanting.


Striker is a Pantera Hunter-a shifter whose latest assignment finds him the male assigned to the Wildlands most recent rescue a female known only as Twelve. Twelve’s mind and body are no longer in her control. The experimental drugs injected at the labs find our heroine lost in a world of unknowns and the need to breed. Enter Striker-the man who will bring back her mind and her heart-if only she could remember who she is.

STRIKER finds our leading couple locked in a sexually aggressive relationship throughout most of the storyline. Striker is a Pantera who believes his one chance at happiness and a mate in the past but his attraction and over protective nature as it pertains to Twelve finds our hero looking to the future with the possibility of a happily ever after.



MICHEL/STRIKER , once again, looks at the destructive nature of scientific experimentation and specieism in a world controlled and run by the humans. Alexandra Ivy and Laura Wright have developed a winning formula that combines the paranormal with the real world, and all of its twisted views on perfection and love.

Due to the nature of the novella (short stories) all of the relationships are quick to build; an insta lust/love premise wherein each of our leading males finds the mate of his heart.

You can’t go wrong with the Bayou Heat series by Ivy and Wright-quick reads; sexy heroes; and beautiful heroines.

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