Mine To Take by Cynthia Eden-a review

MINE TO TAKE by Cynthia Eden-a review

Mine To Take June 2013

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release June 17, 2013

NOTE FROM AUTHOR: From June 15 until June 23, 2013, MINE TO TAKE will be available at the sale price of .99. So if you are interested in reading this dark and sexy story of obsession and love, please get your copy TODAY… As always, we remind you to verify the price before placing your order.

Skye Sullivan knows that someone is watching her. Not just watching—stalking her. Months ago, Skye was involved in a dangerous car accident. The accident ended her dancing career and sent her fleeing back to Chicago. Skye is convinced that her stalker caused the crash, and she fears that he won’t stop pursuing her, not until she’s dead.

When someone breaks into her apartment in Chicago, Skye turns to the one man she believes can protect her—Trace Weston. Once, Trace was her lover. Two lost souls, they’d come together in a firestorm of need and desire. But then Trace had pushed her away. He’d joined the military, vanishing from her life. She’d put all of her emotion into dancing, and she’d tried to forget him.


REVIEW: MINE TO TAKE is the latest release in Cynthia Eden’s contemporary romance, suspense series of novellas. And I must say this story kept me guessing until the final chapters. I am one of those readers and movie goers who can guess the outcome within the first couple of chapters or few minutes of a show, but in this particular story Cynthia pulled me in and I was second guessing myself throughout the novella.

Skye Sullivan knows she has a stalker but the authorities have no eye witness, no tangible evidence and only the word of a woman who has suffered terribly from a car accident where she claims she was being followed. And throughout the years Skye has felt a presence-someone or something-that is always watching and waiting. But all too soon the ‘stalker’ ramps up his M.O and the stalking becomes personal. Enter Trace Weston-a childhood friend and the only man Skye has ever loved. Years before, when Skye’s career as a professional dancer was about to take off, Trace pushed Skye away and her heart and soul were lost-forever.

Trace is a billionaire who owns a private investigating firm and Skye’s last chance to uncover the person behind the attacks. When the attacks become physical and no one has yet to see any proof that her attacker is real, the authorities (and Skye) begin to question her sanity. When the truth is finally revealed no one is more shocked than Skye because the person behind the attacks is someone she had grown to trust.

MINE TO TAKE is a story of suspense and love. There were so many possible suspects that Skye herself believed she had been betrayed by the very people who promised to keep her safe and out of harms way. Cynthia takes the reader on a roller coaster ride of emotions, fears and a psychological nightmare. And the only person who knew that it was not the imagination of a crazy woman-was Skye herself. We are pulled into one woman’s nightmare as she endeavors to start her life over following the accident that nearly ended her life and into another nightmare where every move and action is watched and followed. Another fantastic storyline from the pen of Cynthia Eden.

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Reviewed By Sandy


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