Monsters: A Bloody Love Story by S.M. Reine-a review

MONSTERS: A Bloody Love Story by S.M.Reine -a review

MONSTERS: A Bloody Love Story (The Bloodless) by S.M. Reine

MONSTERS: A Bloody Love Story is an urban fantasy novella released June 2012. The storyline follows Julieta Moreno, a woman who (by day) works as a detective on the metaphysical task force studying the effects of vampire venom and (by night) as an assassin of the Bloodless.

At university, Julieta fell in love with the man of her dreams. Michael was everything and more-he was a god. But Juileta had always felt unworthy-a little overweight and of mixed race she never dreamed that one day Michael would ask her to be his wife. But her life hit rock bottom, the day Michael told her they were through.

Julieta was devastated. Numb from the pain of the break-up Julieta sought out the one person who could teach her how to be a better assassin. As the years went by, Gregor was able to hone Julieta’s skills to form the perfect killing machine. But life caught up with Gregor, and he had to move on. And soon, Julieta would meet Alec- a man who reminded her so much of Michael that it hurt to even look at him. And Alec was the epitome of death. With his physical power and ability to kill the Bloodless, Julieta had found a perfect companion and partner in Alec. But the day Alec told her that he loved her, was the day she walked away.

Several years later Julieta is stunned when Alec returns. Knowing she had made an error with Alec, Julieta was willing to open her heart once again, but the reality of Alec’s true identity would force Julieta to make a decision that would nearly end her life. Finding herself tortured and close to death, the man she once called a partner, is the only person willing to risk his life for her own. But someone from Alec’s past would once again force one of them to make a decision, and Julieta would find herself alone again.

Julieta put all of her efforts into training. Recovery from her injuries was taking its’ time, but her life as an assassin was one of the things she knew best. And training for her next encounter with the person who destroyed her life, not once, but twice, fueled her determination. But another goodbye was something Julieta could no longer afford, and the ultimate betrayal would force her to choose between the person she once knew and what he had now become.

MONSTERS; A Bloody Love Story is in interesting read. Told in first person POV from the mind of Julieta Morena, the story takes the reader on a dark ride through love and the HEA to the pain of betrayal and beyond. Like most urban fantasies, there is no warm and fuzzy ending, and the knowledge that Julieta had been betrayed on so many levels, tugs at your heart and your soul.

Reviewed by Sandy


8 thoughts on “Monsters: A Bloody Love Story by S.M. Reine-a review

  1. Good review Sandy , I have to say i’m a tad bit confused buy the read. From what it sounds like is, I love you , leave no come back , I love you leave , no come back. Welcome new man , what can i say i’m easly confused ..But as you said it is a urban fantasy.

    • As per usual with Urban Fantasy, there is rarely a happy ending, but this is the first in the series….as far as I know….I have read several UF books, and even when the series ends, the HEA isn’t always that happy!!

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