Mortal Defiance ( Dark Betrayal #2) by Nichole Chase

MORTAL DEFIANCE (Dark Betrayal Trilogy #2) by Nichole Chase

MORTAL DEFIANCE (Dark Betrayal Trilogy #2) by Nichole Chase

MORTAL DEFIANCE is the second instalment in Nichole Chase’s YA Dark Betrayal Trilogy.  At the end of Mortal Obligation, our heroine Ree McKenna has just lost a close friend to the Dark Ones.  Discovering that most of the people she knows are not quite human is a shock, but finding out her beloved brother Tristan, long thought dead and buried, may be responsible for a string of vampire-like murders, pushed Ree over the edge 

Junior year in high school should not be this complicated.  Darklings and godlings, vampires and guardians, gods and immortals should only be read about in books, but Ree is living a nightmare.  To complicate matters, her best friend Paden is now one of her guardians and he has made things ‘very personal’.  But there are others who believe that Ree is the epitome and re-incarnation of a former Dark One’s mate and he  wants to ensure that Ree survives the upcoming war for his own reasons.

The gods are after Ree and the guardians are confused as to the why. Her nightmares and dreams are premonitions and messages–warnings from the gods. And when the god of war and the god of mischief are involved, you know someone is taking sides.  But like every teen, there are parents involved, and Ree’s mother is an emotional wreck.  Believing her son is dead is nothing compared to discovering he is going to cause the end of the world.  Sending their parents away is probably for the best.

Tristan’s power is gaining in strength but there is someone else pulling the strings. The Dark Ones are attacking en masse and the small group of Guardians are sadly outnumbered especially when two of their own would not survive the fights.  Hoping to discover who or what is behind her brother’s rise, Ree knew the only ones that could get her the information are the gods.

MORTAL DEFIANCE is an action-packed story that continues the adventures of the Alastriana and her Guardians.  Nichole Chase did a superb job keeping my interest.  I read the novel in one sitting, hoping to find out what happens next.  Another great instalment in the Dark Betrayal Trilogy.

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