Mortal Obligation (Dark Betrayal #1) by Nichole Chase-a review

Mortal Obligation (Dark Betrayal #1) by Nichole Chase-a review

MORTAL OBLIGATION (Dark Betrayal Trilogy #1) by Nichole Chase

MORTAL OBLIGATION is the first book in Nichole Chase’s Young Adult DARK BETRAYAL TRILOGY. Ree Mckenna is your typical 17year old senior in high school, hoping for her first kiss and working her first job to earn money for college. Family life had been difficult since the death of her older brother Tristan, and Ree is continually haunted by nightmares and visions. Thinking someone is watching and waiting, Ree soon finds herself in a world where nightmares really do come true.

Ree’s metamorphosis from teenage girl to the only thing standing between life and the ruination of mankind is abrupt. One moment Ree and her friends are on their way to a concert and the next, they are on the run from what can only be described as demons with fangs. Oh, and to complicate matters, Ree can manipulate the power around her, and her friends have now developed fangs of their own. They find a kindred soul in Sophie, Ree’s boss, but soon learn that Sophie is the person who will aid the young teens on their journey to save the world.

The background into their family histories will shock and amaze each other as the teens learn to cope with their new-found abilities and formulate a plan to keep Ree safe until the ultimate test. Ree is the only one who had never realized that life was different. Each with their own stories to tell, Ree will learn that she is the one mortal who has the power to deal the death blow in the final battle between good and the Dark Ones. But all the planning and power will not help when she learns the identity of the one hoping to end her life.

There is a love triangle forming between Ree, her bestfriend and guardian Paden, and Roland- a reformed Dark One who trains and prepares the young changelings for a potential fight to the death. But there is something about Ree that calls to Roland, and Ree is struck at the animosity and jealousy that continues to flare between Paden and Roland. Let’s hope Nichole writes a HEA that will not break our hearts.

MORTAL OBLIGATION is a fascinating look at a ‘different’ type of vampire storyline. With a history that can be traced to the gods and goddesses from a different time, the novel is a wonderful Young Adult addition to any collection. The story is fast paced, with plenty of action and interaction, and a little romance to keep the heart a-flutter. A great start to a new series.

1. Mortal Obligation
2. Mortal Defiance
3. Immortal Grave (Release date TBA)

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Reviewed by Sandy

Copy supplied by author.


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  1. Awesome review Sandy!!! I love YA and this one sounds right down my alley!! Soulds a little like Kelly Armstrong’s YA series, as far as the group of kids figuring out things together!!!

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