MY LADY MAGE (Warriors of the Mist 1) by Alexis Morgan-a new release review

MY LADY MAGE (Warriors of the Mist 1) by Alexis Morgan

MY LADY MAGE (Warriors of the Mist #1) by Alexis Morgan

MY LADY MAGE is the first novel and new release (July 3, 2012) in Alexis Morgan’s new Warriors of the Mist series.

From the back cover: The legendary Warriors of the Mist-cursed by the gods-can be summoned only when a champion is needed and the cause is just.

Lady Merewen was desperate. The citizens of Agathia were suffering under Duke Keirthan’s rule and her own people were forced to endure the abusive nature of her Uncle Fagan. Calling upon the powers of the mage, Merewen summoned the Damned Warriors from the depths of their watery hell, knowing that to call upon their services was a pact not to be entered into lightly. Hoping the tales of Warriors held true, Merewen forged a magical alliance with the men she would soon come to call friends and family.

Captain Gideon had led his Warriors throughout the centuries. And it had been many years since they were last summoned from the river near Agathia. But the sight of the beautiful woman, standing before them had Gideon hoping their centuries of suffering would be enough to allow the Lady of the River to finally forgive and allow the men a peaceful and well deserved ever-after. His men had endured their loneliness and years of depravation without complaint. Knowing it was his words and pleas that forced his men into the watery depths so many centuries ago, Gideon was hoping this summons would finally free he and his men. With only 3 months to complete their duty, Gideon will soon realize that it is more than a beautiful woman’s summons that has called to him but to his heart as well.

Merewen possesses a power, a magical ability and it is with her power that she was able to keep her Uncle Fagan from truly destroying the Keep that she and her late-father had once loved and cherished. But Fagan needed Merewen in more ways than one, for she was to be a pawn in a game of Dark magic between Fagan and the elusive Duke Keirthan. And it was the Dark Magic that will force the Warriors to reconsider the exact nature of the evil surrounding the people of Agathia and the Keep where Merewen’s people resided. Merewen, as true heir to the Keep, knew that Fagan’s hold over the people was only temporary, but it was his cruel and evil temperament that brought both physical and emotional pain to many including his wife Alina.

We are introduced to Gideon’s fellow Warriors of the Mist along with their ‘companions’ in battle and life. The mage-marked Kane who silently bears the burden of a dark family history; Murdoch who knows that to act on his true feelings could result in sorrow for someone in who he has grown close: the scholar Duncan who continually searches for the truth behind the growing power of evil: and the young warrior Averel who stands tall and proud ready to protect everyone at a moments notice. But it is the warrior’s individual companions known as Shadow, Hob, Scim, Ebony and Alabaster, and Kiva who will battle along side their banished brethren and know that even in hell, everyone needs to call someone or something their own.

There is a dark evil and magical power that surrounds the Duke and those he commands. The blood bond formed between Fagan and Keirthan will force Fagan into a alliance that he will no longer value and one that will ultimately end the lives of those he once trusted as well as his own. But it is the growing relationship between Gideon and Merewen that will reveal to the Damned that perhaps all is not hopeless, and that maybe the Lady of the River will look upon their centuries of duty and finally forgive them their mistake made so many years ago.

Alexis Morgan writes a wonderful tale about 5 Warriors Damned to suffer eternity under the watery depths of the river near the village of Agathia. The novel is fast paced, well developed and never falters. With the introduction of 5 warriors, there will be plenty of storylines and heroes to break your heart and win over any reader of both fantasy and romance. A great start to a new series. I am looking forward to HER KNIGHT’S QUEST-Warriors of the Mist #2

Copy supplied by author.

Reviewed by Sandy


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