MY LORD VAMPIRE (Immortal Rogues #1) by Alexandra Ivy-a review

MY LORD VAMPIRE (Immortal Rogues #1) by Alexandra Ivy-a review

MY LORD VAMPIRE (Immortal Rogues #1) by Alexandra Ivy

MY LORD VAMPIRE by Alexandra Ivy is the February 2012 re-issue of her original work released under the author name Debbie Raleigh. In the trilogy, 3 vampires are placed in a precarious position in the mortal realm, to protect and defend the ‘human’ females in possession (1/3 each) of a powerful magical Medallion. My Lord Vampires is Gideon Ravel and Lady Simone Gilbert’s story.

Gideon Ravel is one of three vampires commissioned to locate and protect (one of the three) medallions placed in the care of human females in the mortal realm. Hidden behind the “Veil” for over 200 years, vampires no longer hunt or feed from humans. But rogue vampires have started to cross between the realms in search of new blood and power. And the power of the Medallion is the lure. But the heat between Gideon and his target is unexpected and unwelcome. He is in the mortal world to protect and defend, not to become emotionally involved with a beautiful human female.

Lady Simone Gilbert is a woman desired by many men in the Ton (upper class society of historical England). Wealthy, beautiful and intriguing, Simone has been labeled the ‘Wicked Temptress’- although titles are not necessarily earned or merited. And Simone buries a secret or two so deep she would die before revealing the knowledge or source. But a recent social function has introduced the mysterious Gideon Ravel and he too, has some secrets he is not willing to share with Lady Simone.

Tristan is a rogue vampire who has crossed the ‘Veil’ into the mortal realm. The lure of the Medallion has blinded Tristan to the orders of the Council. Uncaring and without conscience, Tristan intends to reek havoc amongst the humans, hoping to distract Gideon Ravel from his charge-the Lady Gilbert. But Tristan did not count on Gideon becoming personally involved with his assignment. But secrets have a way of surfacing and blackmail becomes the weapon of choice, when Tristan makes an offer to Simone that could ruin her reputation amongst the elite of England’s high society.

My Lord Vampire is an easy read. There is no sex, no foul language and the violence is minimal (as minimal as a vampire novel allows). The attraction between the couple is evident from the start, but both refuse to give in to their desires or the heat of the moment. The relationship is slow to build, but in the end, the pleasure of the HEA is not unexpected or unwelcome.

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Reviewed by Sandy


13 thoughts on “MY LORD VAMPIRE (Immortal Rogues #1) by Alexandra Ivy-a review

  1. Darn it Sandy you’ve done it again. Cause me to haul out my list and add another series to it. Are you gals trying to buy me with my books and lists. LOL!!! This one sounds good too and I love the cover, very hot.

  2. I loved this book! I read it when it came out at first years ago as the traditional regency. Is it changed from that time? Cuz I remember it being a think book. I read the other two related to it too! Awesome reading your review! Now makes me want to re-read!

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