MYSTIC CITY (Mystic City #1) by Theo Lawrence-a review

MYSTIC CITY (Mystic City #1) by Theo Lawrence-a review

MYSTIC CITY (Mystic City #1) by Theo Lawrence

MYSTIC CITY is the first storyline (October 9th, 2012 release) in Theo Lawrence dystopian young adult Mystic City series. When 18year old Aria Rose awakens in a hospital from a drug over-dose, she has no recollection of ever taking the drug or of her fiancé Thomas Foster. Set in the futuristic dystopian Mystic City and Manhattan, the political minefield centers on the two ruling and rival families-the Rose’s and the Foster’s and their hatred of one another. The merging of the two families is seen as a political coup in the privileged families, but Aria has no memory of ever dating Thomas. The rumors swirl that prior to her over-dose, they were meeting secretly behind everyone’s backs, but something doesn’t add up, especially when she finds a locket, a note telling her to REMEMBER and secret letters hidden away. When a rebel mystic saves her life, not once but twice, Aria suspects that she has connections to the mystics and this man, that no one wants her to remember.

Mystics are a group of people from the Depths of New York who have a power that is both feared and used by those in control. Considered the lowest of the low, mystics are, by law, forced to register and to have their powers drained until there remains only a shell of their former selves. But there is an underground faction of rebel mystics who are trying to make everyone aware that those in control are using these powers for illegal, unethical, immoral purposes and financial gain. And when a staged series of demonstrations become deadly, the mystics are targeted once again.

Aria continues to struggle with her memory loss, and her visits to the doctor both help and hinder with the struggle. Her relationship with Thomas feels forced and fabricated, and her parents desire for a perfect union, is nothing short of a nightmare. Hoping to discover the truth, Aria sets out on a path to uncover the mystery and the truth behind the lies she has believed all of her life. And an upcoming election will pit family against family, and mystics against everyone else.

Throughout the storyline Aria begins to fall in love-not with Thomas-but with a young mystic who shows her the truth about the world in which she lives. And there are others, who will help Aria understand the pain and sorrow that engulf the mystics who have become slaves in a world of bigotry, racism and hate. But Aria has been betrayed by the people who profess to love her and with little time left, Aria will discover there are people who are willing to help, but she is no longer sure whom to trust.

MYSTIC CITY is a fascinating tale of love and betrayal, discrimination and hate. Theo Lawrence builds up a world that will both fascinate and repulse, and the character development is amazing. Almost immediately you know that something is amiss. A fantastic start to a new series that is filled with non stop action and a heroine who wants to make everything right. I am looking forward to Mystic City #2. Congratulations to Theo Lawrence on the release of Mystic City.

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Reviewed by Sandy


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  1. It is an amazing storyline…so many different twists….and of course….the madness behind everything…..what people will do to get what they want…all in the name of politics, greed and money…!!

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