NEW BLOOD (Melrose #1) by Paul Dorset-a review

New Blood (Melrose #1) by Paul Dorset-a review

NEW BLOOD (Melrose #1) by Paul Dorset

NEW BLOOD is the first novel in Paul Dorset’s Melrose series. Strangely enough, I really don’t know where to place the genre –perhaps a little thriller, horror and the paranormal combined.

In the world of big business, hostile take-overs and buy-outs, there is a secret society of men and women who feed off the knowledge, power and life source of others as they climb the ladders of corporate success. Known as Anons, these humanoids take from their victims and leave an empty husk behind. Not being able to kiss without killing definitely had its’ disadvantages but learning to control their desires and urges might insure that some of their victims or lovers survive. And the title New Blood references the need to replenish the people at the top.

Lucy Weatherington is a virgin, a good Christian and a programmer for Nyble Storage-one of the many technology corporations in the Seattle area. Along with her roommate and best friend Sabrina, they live and party in Melrose. But debilitating migraines continue to plague Lucy and the experts were unable to diagnose the cause.

Beau Tempest is an Anon. A freak of nature as they call themselves. And Beau’s rise at Zygote Technology in the corporate world was fast and frightening. Within a matter of a few weeks he was the new director of the Seattle office, but with the promotion came power, aggression and hunger. Knowing the Anons were behind his meteoric rise, Beau would soon learn that the consequences of his actions were affecting the others. His need to acquire power and knowledge was only obtained through assignations, but Beau would soon be warned, by the Gatekeepers, that everything has a price.

Meeting Ben Hansen would put Lucy on the path to love and a relationship, but Sabrina had warned Lucy that Beau had an interest as well. When Beau confronted Ben about his intentions towards Lucy, it was no surprise when Ben suddenly went missing.

Along with Beau’s ambitious rise to the top, came layoffs and promotions for the people around. Beau’s assistant Wendy would soon learn she too was an Anon and would find herself coordinating sales and taking control of many of the departments at Zygote. But with her new position came power and Wendy would discover just how much power she had during her initiation into the Anon. And a Vegas vacation with the girls would help Wendy control her feeds without the kill. But shortly after, Lucy would come down with another migraine and find herself alone at the hotel once again. But once Lucy returns home, a mysterious voice in her dreams insists that she look closely at her migraines –they were a warning.

NEW BLOOD is a different type of storyline somewhere between thriller and the paranormal. Paul Dorset uses ‘time’ references throughout the storyline that add to the mystery of the premise of the book. The character development is smooth as he blends secondary character interactions with his primary leads that will eventually become part of the main plot and premise. But the purpose of the Anon makes you rethink the power hungry corporations that rule big business, politics and the church. Although a circulation of elites isn’t necessarily present within this particular storyline, Paul Dorset’s look at the greedy ambitious money hungry men and women who control most of the free world, makes you wonder if we all aren’t living a nightmare of epic proportions. Throughout the novel I wondered if the author had a horrific experience within the corporate elite.

The storyline is dark: the character of Beau is as unlovable as he is powerful (but we are hoping for a change) and Wendy’s persona does a 180 when she realizes Beau’s need to feed and the power he craves will put everyone including her friends at risk. There are a couple of side stories that felt awkward as it pertains to Sabrina and her relationship with Lucy, as though the author added as an afterthought but overall the story is interesting in its premise. I hope to see Beau’s character find the path that will truly make him happy, and I hope, again, that this path will also find him love and peace.

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Paul Dorset was born in Poole, Dorset in England in 1960 but has been living in America since 1995. He has been writing for many years and some of his early works were published in ‘teen advice’ columns. He has also had many technical articles published, mostly in the field of Computing.

Paul currently lives in the Pacific Northwest but has traveled extensively and worked many times with teens and youth groups. It is this background combined with a vivid imagination that has enabled him to weave a tapestry of magic into complete novels. His first epic fantasy series, aimed at young adults, is entitled ‘The Southern Lands’. However, the storyline is more than exciting enough to keep adults turning pages as the story unfolds.

Paul is a father of five who has worked as a computer consultant for more than 30 years. His publications include fantasy novels for ages 12-plus, how-to books for adults, and dark paranormal thrillers for ages 16+. He incorporates his extensive experience in computers – and his insightful perspective on the possibilities therein – in novels that include layers of contemporary intrigue, romance and mystery. You can follow his blog at


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    • HI Eric…yes, it is a little dark…with some thriller and some paranormal. At this point there is no real romantic storyline, but perhaps the two main characters will at one point….become a couple….as their seem to be some sorta connection….

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