No Mistletoe Required by Jeanette Murray- a review

No Mistletoe Required by Jeanette Murray-a review


NO MISTLETOE REQUIRED is the November 5, 2012 release by Jeanette Murray. Like most holiday novels, the requisite HEA is not missing from Jeanette’s storyline, but getting there was a bit of a struggle.

Dan Beckins is a divorce lawyer whose view of the holidays has been marred and forever tainted by the automobile accident that killed his parents on Christmas Day so many years ago. When his buddy volunteered them to help with the building of the annual Winter Wonderland display at the hospital Dan was incensed. Geoff knew Dan no longer celebrated the winter festival and the longer he worked on the display, the angrier his friend became until a petite little blond with enough bubbly personality for everyone showed him the true meaning of Christmas.

Anna Smith loved the holidays but there is always a dark cloud hanging over her enjoyment. Stricken with leukemia as a teen, Anna spent almost an entire year at the local hospital undergoing treatment and recovery. As an adult, Anna now gives back with the annual children’s Christmas display and workshop. But with a second cancer diagnosis, Anna was reluctant to get personally involved in a relationship with another man. But the sight of Dan Beckins as he forged ahead with the Christmas display had Anna reconsidering her relationship policy-maybe a one night stand or fling was really what she needed. What she didn’t expect was for Dan to lose his heart to a woman who may not be around to celebrate many more holidays.

The relationship between Dan and Anna is quick to start as Anna knows what she wants and starts to seduce Dan at every opportunity when they are alone. From asking him to help her with the heavy lifting to cornering the man in a cleaning closet, Anna isn’t afraid to go for what she wants-and all Anna thinks she wants is a passionate night of sex with no strings attached. But Dan soon realizes that he has fallen for the spunky no-nonsense woman who had broken his heart. When Anna rejects Dan’s offer of a permanent relationship, Dan’s sorrow will be felt by everyone working, at the hospital, on the Christmas display.

NO MISTLETOE REQUIRED is a short story that brings two broken souls together during one of the most festive times of the year. Dan’s memories of the day his parents were killed has forever jaded his opinion about Christmas Day and Anna’s continuing health struggles force her to take a long hard look at the way she has been treating all potential relationships and friends.

The writing is simple with a few questionable grammar faux pas, but overall the storyline is a sweet look at a Christmas story.

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