NO ONE TO TRUST (Red Stone Security 1) by Katie Reus-a review

No One To Trust (Red Stone Security 1) by Katie Reus- a review

NO ONE TO TRUST (Red Stone Security #1) by Katie Reus

NO ONE TO TRUST is the first installment (February 2012 release) in author Katie Reus’ Red Stone Security series. Written in the romantic suspense genre, Katie introduces Porter Caldwell, a former marine who is employed (along with his brother) in his father’s high tech security firm “Red Stone Security” and Elizabeth Martinez the firm’s computer expert. Once together as a couple, it had been several months since Elizabeth broke off their relationship, with no explanation to Porter. But now that Elizabeth was about to walk into a house full of trouble, Porter knew, that once Elizabeth was back in his life, he would make sure that she never left him again.

Benny was in trouble again. Elizabeth’s older brother owed money to one of the most powerfully connected men in Florida. With gang affiliation, drug addiction and gambling, Elizabeth knew her brother was in over his head. But when Benny called hoping Elizabeth would be able to bail him out one last time, Elizabeth knew that Orlando Salsa was not going to stop his control over Benny-Elizabeth was now part of the prize. Elizabeth could never say no to Benny. She owed him her life. When no one else in their family would help, Benny made sure that Elizabeth was protected. But keeping the family secret would force Benny into a life of drugs and destruction.

Porter hoped that Elizabeth would stop enabling Benny’s addictions. And tracking Elizabeth was the only way he knew to ensure her safety. But several attempts on her life and with her brother missing, Elizabeth was ready to admit she was in over her head. But Orlando Salsa refused to back down. And now that Benny has stolen something important from Orlando, both Elizabeth and Benny were at risk.

Red Stone Security was on alert. Unable to comprehend how Orlando and the local gang-bangers continued to locate Elizabeth, it was suddenly apparent when the high-tech security vehicles were targeted in different locations. Hoping to keep Elizabeth safe, Porter would never allow Elizabeth to confront Orlando on her own. Porter was in love with Elizabeth, even if she didn’t feel the same. And protecting the woman who called to his very soul, was the only thing that mattered.

The relationship between Elizabeth and Porter builds slowly throughout the story. Frustrating for the couple were the constant interruptions and deadly threats against their lives every time they tried to get together. Guilt played at Elizabeth’s conscious when she realized that she would not allow herself the happiness with Porter while her brother was still missing and in danger of losing his life.

A wonderful storyline of romance and suspense from the mind of Katie Reus.  Look for my review of Danger Next Door-Red Stone Security #2.

Reviewed by Sandy


7 thoughts on “NO ONE TO TRUST (Red Stone Security 1) by Katie Reus-a review

  1. Hmmm gotta say this isn’t in the realm of books I’m known to read, but it does sound good. Nice review Sandy, you may have introduced me to a new author.

    • Romance-suspence storylines were not my favorite but Katie writes a great story and The Red Stone Security is one series that I will continue to read as long as Katie keeps writing. I had not considered reading suspense but I had read a few of Katie’s other books and of course The Reading Cafe interviewed Katie a couple of months ago so I was familiar with her writing style.

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