One Night With a Hero (The Hero #2) by Laura Kaye-a review

ONE NIGHT WITH A HERO (The Hero #2) by Laura Kaye- a review

ONE NIGHT WITH A HERO is the second storyline (October 2012 release) in Laura Kaye’s ‘Hero’ series. Written in the contemporary romance genre, ONWH focuses on Special Forces Sgt. Brady Scott and community centre director Joss Daniels.

Following a one-night stand that can only be described as the best night of her life, Joss (Jocelyn) Daniels realizes that she may have lost her heart to Army Special Forces Sargeant Brady Scott. Orphaned and left in the social services system as a child, Joss refuses to allow any man to get close enough to cause pain, and with that, she is willing to reluctantly walk away not knowing if there could have been a future. But life has a funny way a forcing two people together when she discovers that her new neighbor is Brady Scott.

Sgt. Scott is on leave from the Special Forces division. With a history of uncontrolled anger and rage, Brady is told to get his act together and forced into counseling. Growing up with an abusive and alcoholic father, Brady fears that the cycle of abuse will continue and he refuses to think about anything beyond the present. And discovering Joss Daniels is his new neighbor, Brady’s libido goes into over drive and the pair take advantage of their new-found friendship. But Brady isn’t looking for a permanent relationship and his rejection and attitude towards Joss will change when he realizes he is beginning to have feelings for his beautiful neighbor.

Feeling used and emotionally abused, Joss will begin to build barriers thinking the cycle of rejection is starting all over again. Brady’s continued cold shoulder and angry demeanor becomes almost unbearable and worsens with the revelation that Joss is pregnant. Brady’s immediate rejection and denial forces Joss to consider her options and life without a father, was not the future she would have planned for any child. Although Joss’s heart is broken and shattered, she knows that she will be the best parent any child could have-with or without Brady Scott.

ONE NIGHT WITH A HERO will bring back the protagonists from Her Forbidden Hero-Marco and Brady’s sister Alyssa. The interconnection between the storylines keeps the familiarity between the novels and allows the reader an opportunity to catch up with a previous hero. The storyline is fast paced, wonderfully written and the character development is perfect. The turmoil and angst is palpable and you are drawn into the roller coaster of emotions. Laura Kaye writes a dynamic story that will draw you in from the start.

Reviewed by Sandy


5 thoughts on “One Night With a Hero (The Hero #2) by Laura Kaye-a review

  1. Great review Sandy. I remember your review of the first book and I jotted it down on my every growing list. Sounds like this is going to be a really good series to get into when every have a chance to start dwindling down this list. LOL!!!

  2. I have been wanting to read Laura, especially with your reviews on all of her books. Thanks, Sandy. I did notice some of her books on sale. I’ll buy them to add to my tbr.

  3. I have not read Laura, though I remember adding them to my list when you had reviews of her other books. This one really sounds terrific. I will add it and maybe buy it soon.

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