ORACLE’S MOON by Thea Harrison-A New Release Review

ORACLE’S MOON by Thea Harrison

ORACLE’S MOON by Thea Harrison

ORACLE’S MOON is the 4th novel in Thea Harrison’s Novels of the Elder Races series. Grace Andreas is a ‘witch’, and the lone survivor of a car accident that killed her sister Petra and brother-in-law, and left Grace severely injured and in need of reconstructive surgery. She is now the sole guardian of her sister’s two children and has inherited the mantle and the Power of the Oracle. The Oracle is a position inherited through the female lineage and one that was never expected to pass to Grace. With it comes the responsibilities and power of a seer, a medium and a whole lot of spirits hoping to make contact. Grace is broke, without any means of support and snubbed by the local coven of witches

Khalil, Djinn prince of House Marid, one of the eldest beings in the universe, has taken it upon himself to be protector and guardian of Grace and the two children in her care. We first met Khalil and Grace in Serpent’s Kiss, where Khalil was drawn to the children in Grace’s care. But Grace’s powers are soon put into practice, when she is petitioned to ‘see’ for a number of the Elder Races (including Dragos, Pia and the vampire King) and it is Khalil, who soon finds himself, falling for the human female.

Unlike previous Oracles, Grace must gain the knowledge through experience. Without a mentor to guide her on her journey, she must navigate the pitfalls and dangers of allowing others to control her dreams and actions. But with her new-found powers Grace is blessed with a rare ability that will draw the attention of more than one Djinn Prince and his family. And with the Power and the position comes a threat against both Grace and her young family. And with the threat, comes the knowledge that some accidents are really not accidental.

Oracle’s Moon is more of a fantasy romance than an action/adventure. We follow Khalil and Grace’s growth as a couple and their connection to one another crosses the dimensions of time and space. Grace slowly discovers and develops her powers with the approach of the Oracle’s Moon, and Khalil’s energy enables Grace to discover that there is a history to the family lineage that she does not want to pass to her niece. There is an energy pull between Grace and the Djinn prince; a thread that connects the soon to be lovers. But it is the love between the couple-that anchors-this particular storyline. Khalil is a being of immense knowledge, age and power, but still a man. And with his feelings come emotions that he never knew existed. Thea’s descriptive detail regarding Khalil and Grace’s love making, will leave you breathless and wishing that a being like Khalil, were real and not part of a fantasy between the pages of a novel.

There are humorous moments when Khalil must ask Rune for dating advice-how to dress, what to eat and where to go. And of course, like many first dates, the inevitable disasters will always happen. But add the supernatural and paranormal elements, and watch the fur, scales and fangs fly. Chloe’s doggie-cat and horsie comments will remind every parent about play-time with the young, but it is the relationship and the knitting of a family, that will be the mainstay of Oracle’s Moon.

Oracle’s Moon is also a prelude to Thea’s next instalment.  Dragos needs the Power of the Oracle, and with that knowledge, perhaps a way to prevent an all-out war between the humans, the Elder Races and the demons from the other side.

Reviewed by Sandy


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