Originally Human by Eileen Wilks-a review

ORIGINALLY HUMAN  (Lupi novella) by Eileen Wilks


ORIGINALLY HUMAN is the August 2012 re-release of a short story by Eileen Wilks  previously found in the anthology Cravings.  Part of Eileen’s Lupi series Originally Human focuses on Molly and Michael, and the magical world in which they both belong.

Molly Brown is a succubus.  Feeding of the sexual partners with whom she engages in sex she realizes it is time that she moved on.  But wandering around the RV park where she currently resides, she stumbles upon a badly injured and naked man. Knowing there was a node (a portal) nearby, she is well aware that he may not be fully human.  Soon her curiosity would get the better, when his wounds begin to heal.  With no name and no memory to recall, Molly will take the beautiful man into her care, hoping that her friend Erin, a wiccan, would be able to help heal and recover his past.

Michael, as he will soon be called, claims to have no memory of what precipitated his arrival into this realm.  And with the help of the two women, he slowly begins to unravel small bits and pieces of what happened.  But his overall demeanor begins to change when they realize that an ancient force may be at work trying to track him down.  Knowing that he is placing Molly in danger, Michael is willing to leave because every time he uses his power, a signal is sent through the node.

As a succubus, Molly needs to feed. It has been some time since she last fed and therefore is aging faster than her norm.  Michael’s attraction to Molly seems to go much deeper than appearances look.  And feeding Molly will bring her back to the age when she was first ‘turned’.  As their attraction towards one another grows, so does the need to discover what and who is Michael. But after a stellar evening of sex and feeding, they will find themselves surrounded by masked ‘ninja’ type warriors aiming to take Michael back where he belongs.  When panic ensues, Molly and Michael will find themselves back at the RV park in the same spot where Molly first discovered the injured man.  Michael’s powers appeared to be quickly returning.

Michael’s memories and his powers have yet to fully engage, and Molly is hoping that her friend Cullen will be able to bring forth what has been buried deep within.  But using magic was once outlawed and Cullen has taught himself the ways of sorcery. Sorcerers cannot be trusted, but Cullen is more than a man with magic-Cullen is also Lupi.  Michael is fully aware of Cullen’s powers and Cullen will bargain with Michael to learn to what extent the strength of his powers exceed.  But it is Cullen who will be surprised when he finds himself not remembering what or who asked for help.  Michael will confess to Molly about his identity and it will be the merging of both of their powers that will reveal Michael’s true purpose on this side of the realm.

ORIGINALLY HUMAN is a love story with a HEA.  Molly and Michael’s relationship starts as beneficial to both, but in the end, love will bring two lost souls together.  If one must remain under the radar, it is better to hide with someone by your side.

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