Out of Time (Out of Time #1) by Monique Martin-a review

OUT OF TIME (Out of Time #1) by Monique Martin-a review

OUT OF TIME (A Time Travel Mystery #1) by Monique Martin

OUT OF TIME is the first novel in Monique Martin’s Time Travel Mystery series. A series based on the premise of Temporal Explorers (Time Travelers) Monique takes the reader back in time to the Prohibition era of 1929 approximately 12 weeks prior to the Stock Market crash. Professor Simon Cross and his classroom for the study of occult anthropology never saw this one coming.

Professor Simon Cross had fallen for Elizabeth West. Once a student in his Occult Anthropology class, Elizabeth was now his assistant. But the shy and reserved British scholar refused to acknowledge his feelings. For weeks he has been suffering nightmares that end in the death of his beloved Elizabeth and always the guilt ate away at his soul. Remembering the last time (30 years before) his nightmares turned to reality, Simon had pledged to avoid another death that would plague at his conscience.

Elizabeth West was working on her Master’s degree in the study of the Occult. A much maligned subject by many of the upper classmen and professors at the university, Elizabeth knew one of the reasons for her interest was the man at the front of the class. And Simon’s refusal to acknowledge the attraction only fueled Elizabeth’s desire. But on the night of the eclipse with Simon’s grandfather’s mysterious pocket watch the couple would find themselves in Prohibition Era1929 New York, with no money, only the clothes on their backs and an apartment with one double size bed.

As the story progresses, Elizabeth and Simon pretend to be a newly married couple. Hoping to find a means to earn money, the pair soon finds themselves working in a speakeasy where the liquor flows and gangsters rule. But it is the reports of the mysterious deaths that will have Simon on alert. When a powerful player has eyes for Elizabeth, Simon starts to wonder just how powerful is this stranger and where in the hierarchy of the paranormal did he stand.

Simon and Elizabeth’s relationship will start off rather bumpy when Simon refuses to admit his feelings. But when the nightmares persist, he must gather his nerve and reveal his reluctance to and love for Elizabeth. Only then will her love for the man melt the ice on his frozen heart. The love scenes are sensual when Simon finally allows himself to love for the first time in a very long time. Simon’s love for Elizabeth was palpable. I was swept away by the intimacy of Monique’s writing. I wish all men felt the same way as Simon does for Elizabeth. But as the date of the next eclipse finally draws near, it will be his love for Elizabeth that will be tested when one of them may have to make the ultimate sacrifice to save the other.

OUT OF TIME is a fascinating look at a fantasy-mystery storyline. I must admit I was not crazy when the story took an abrupt turn and veered towards the paranormal. The time travel premise was interesting, as well as the couple’s struggles to fit into a period in history they would have only read about in books, but the addition of a paranormal sub-plot caught me short.

I fell for the character of Simon immediately and he broke my heart with his trepidation and fear for the woman that he loved, but it took a strong woman like Elizabeth to bring the shy professor out of his shell. OUT OF TIME, even with the paranormal sub-plot, is a well-written story. I enjoyed Monique Martin’s tale of love and mystery, and her attention to detail that could not be ignored when one travels back in time. I am looking forward to reading about the next adventures of Simon and Elizabeth.

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  1. I have a couple of other time travel mysteries and considered getting this one as well. This review has convinced me to add this one too my list.

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