Perfect 10 by Erin McCarthy-a review

PERFECT 10 by Erin McCarthy-a review

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ABOUT THE BOOK : Release Date May 13, 2014

Katrina Phillips is an expert social media manager. But that doesn’t mean she can’t make mistakes. Horrible, hide-in-your-closet-forever mistakes… like accidentally syncing her BootyBook app with her online profiles.

Blammo. Now everyone in the world can see who Katrina has dated and how they rated in appearance, sexual performance, and (OMG) detailed descriptions of their manly parts! Now her phone is blowing up with irate exes—and an out-of-the-blue text from the only guy who came close to a perfect score…

Katrina has had a thing for Drew Jordan since forever ago, even if a booze-fuelled one-nighter did destroy their friendship. So why is he suddenly texting her now—and is it because she rated his Sexy Staff Of Manliness as “magnificent”? Now the only way to satisfy her curiosity is to reunite with Drew… and rate him all over again!


REVIEW: PERFECT 10 is the latest adult, contemporary romance novella from Erin McCarthy. The focus of the story is on independent social media manager Katrina Phillips and the he$$ that is her life. After accidently syncing her ‘BootyBook’ app (something akin to a black book) with all of her online profiles, Katrina’s phone begins to blow up with threats, suggestions and harassment-but one text in particular will find her face to face with the man she had fallen in love with years before. PERFECT 10 is a friends to lovers storyline about two people who experienced the awkward morning after drunken sex leaving four years of friendship lost in its’ wake.

The relationship between Katrina and her one time best friend Drew Jordan has been understandably strained following his quick disappearing act almost one year earlier. Neither one had tried to contact the other and in the ensuing time Drew never forgot about the one that got away. Wanting something more, Drew takes the opportunity of finding his name on one of Katrina’s online profiles and begins to pursue a more permanent kind of relationship.

PERFECT 10 is a quick, romantic friends to lovers storyline with a second chance at love. The secondary characters add a little bit of comic relief in the guise of teasing and back thumping ‘way to goes’ as well as a Facebook page that takes aim at Drew’s magnificent ‘profile’. The world building is limited as the storyline is short but Erin McCarthy takes the reader on a tour of New York City and everything it has to offer. The writing style is simple; there are no complex plot lines or character development. PERFECT 10 is a sweet tale about two friends who reconnect over the absurdity and stupidity of a social media blunder.

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