PET SHOP BOYS (The Hollows) by Kim Harrison-a review

PET SHOP BOYS (The Hollows) by Kim Harrison

PET SHOP BOYS is a short story that will appear in the upcoming October 2012 release anthology Into The Woods. As the introductory short story to Kim Harrison’s new Hollows series, Pet Shop Boys will take you on a dangerous ride into a world of the supernatural

Cooper is a 25 year old pet shop employee who was unsure why he continued to stay on. He had been offered a job as an assistant to a professor but for some reason he just couldn’t seem to let go of the shop or the shop owner Kay, but the evening a young girl and her mother came in looking for a pet Cooper knew his life was about to change when the beautiful and mysterious red-haired woman invited him to a Christmas party.

Emily had been keeping an eye on Cooper for months, but what was more surprising was her mother Felicity whom he had never met but was willing to take a chance on a stranger. Arriving at the club, Cooper soon realized that he was way out of his league. And something about the crowded room didn’t feel right. The odd comments about possession, ownership and ‘strays’ were starting to get on his nerves. But the warnings not to eat or drink anything at the party put Cooper on alert as did the ever changing hair and eye color of the people on the dance floor. And the closer he looked, the more agitated and frightened he became. People were dying right before his eyes and there was nothing he could do about it. He thought he had gone to hell. Hoping to leave, Cooper soon realized that he was trapped in a world that he knew nothing about and there may be no escaping from behind the veil.

PET SHOP BOYS is a very quick read. Kim Harrison introduces a world of seduction, blood, ownership and control. There are many unanswered questions when Kim does not reveal the truth behind the ‘veil’, but opens up an entire new series for everyone to enjoy.

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