Phantom Dreams by T.K. Harris-a review

Phantom Dreams by T.K.Harris- a review


PHANTOM DREAMS is a contemporary mystery suspense (with a slight paranormal twist) that begins with the murder of a woman, knifed by a stranger, as she jogs through the woods. But the reader is privy to an internal dialogue between the murderer and another voice in his head. The voice is blaming the women for something and he is looking for one woman in particular.

35 year old FBI agent Jack Matthew is on the hunt for a serial killer. All the victims are women of similar height, age and features living in different states with different life styles, and each had one stab wound to the chest or stomach. The FBI was looking for an interstate killer. The other killings were approximately 1 year between each, but the most recent-number six-had a shorter time frame than the others. The killer was stepping up the time and 3 more bodies would be found.

29 year old Kathy Gilliam was suffering nightmares filled with pain and death-the same nightmare that had been haunting her off and on for years. But lately the dreams have been more intense and somehow different. And to complicate matters her attention had been divided between work, her ailing father and the nightmares now occupying her daily routine. And a visit to the physician would find Kathy on the receiving end of a psychiatric appointment. His suggestion to write down her dreams would bring Kathy into a world of murder and death, and all of the faces are very familiar.

As the number of murders increased so too did Kathy’s dreams. Confiding in her best friend Margo, they would soon discover that the images in Kathy’s nightmares are matching the faces of the victims. But when she approached the police about her suspicions, they wrote her off as a crackpot looking for attention. When the FBI heard the story, Kathy became their number one suspect because she knew the intimate details and the weapon of choice. But the FBI agents noted the similarity between Kathy and all of their cases- they were hoping they were wrong. And now Kathy was saying there is a possibility that two men are involved? But when Kathy begins to see the man in her dreams around town, she believes she is going insane. When the FBI finally find their killer, it will be Kathy who experiences a lifetime of memories that come flooding back through time.

PHANTOM DREAMS is an amazing storyline that will keep your attention from beginning to end and what an ending-a total surprise. Throughout the story I thought I knew what was happening- I was close. But T.K.Harris adds a strange twist to the tale of one young man’s need to seek revenge for something that happened long ago. If you like a mystery with a twist, Phantom Dreams is a fantastic tale of murder and intrigue. And the ending, well, no one ever said there could never be a HEA in mystery storyline.

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