Phantom Warriors: RIOT (Phantom Warriors #6) by Jordan Summers- a review

PHANTOM WARRIORS: RIOT (Phantom Warriors #6) by Jordan Summers

PHANTOM WARRIORS: RIOT is the 6th novella (August 30, 2012 release) in Jordan Summers’ Phantom Warriors novella series. Phantom Warriors is a race of alien shape-shifters from the planet Zaron. Without enough women for mates, the Phantom Warriors have been sent to Earth by King Eros in search of suitable mates. As a member of Claw Clan, Riot is one of the largest shape-shifters on Zaron-his other form is the bear.

When his previous encounters with Earth’s women were not successful in finding a mate, Riot knew the King would not give up so easily. Determined that each of his warriors would find his match, King Eros ordered Riot back to Earth and he wasn’t to return without a female. But his sheer size and power frightened most of Earth’s females and it was becoming difficult to get anyone to stop long enough to talk. But when he found a young woman running for her life, Riot knew that maybe he had found the one woman on earth that would be his mate.

Nina Whitetail is a veterinarian who has taken on a crusade to save the black bear from the hunters and poachers in her small town near Olympic National Park. On the eve on her best friend’s wedding Nina and Kim (against better judgment) took off into the forest armed with wire cutters hoping to dismantle some of the bear traps used to ensnare the animals. But Nina would become the prey when the hunters discovered that Nina was the one who tampered with their traps.

Meanwhile Nina’s grandfather, a Cherokee Shaman and Elder was dying. His cancer had progressed so that he only had a few days to live, and Nina’s relationship with the old man was very close. But Mr. Whitetail had a vision and told Nina that one day she would meet the Great Bear and the Bear would take her to the stars, from where she would never return. Thinking her grandfather’s cancer had finally claimed his mind Nina chose to take the vision as the ramblings of his ravaged brain. But when she is finally rescued by a monstrous sized talking bear Nina soon realizes that she has either lost her mind or her grandfather’s vision has come true.

The PHANTOM WARRIOR is a series of short stories and novellas. An interesting premise with a mix of both paranormal and science fiction, that takes a different look at the shape-shifting storyline. If you like the shape shifter genre, you will probably like the Phantom Warrior series. Jordan Summers tells a tale similar to many paranormal storylines, but adds her own twist with the addition of an alien animal shifter.

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Reviewed by Sandy


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  1. Great review Sandy. I do enjoy a quick read every now and then. I’m not fond of futuristic type stories, is this along those lines??? Just wondering since they are an alien race and from another planet. Otherwise I think I can get into this series, sounds interesting

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