PLATINUM PASSION by Jennifer Lynne-a review


FROM THE AUTHOR’S NOTES: As always in Greek mythology there are many different versions from which to pick and choose, and researching the erotes was not exception. The most popular belief seems to be that the erotes were a group of winged gods who were the children of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and sexuality who was born from the foam of the sea, and that the Greek god Eros was either their father or one of their brothers.

Another belief, and the one that resonates best with me, is that the erotes were in fact different aspects of the primal god, Eros. Erotes is the plural of eros (desire),and as an erotic romance writer I was fascinated by the idea that the concept of love is so complex that its various aspects could only be personified across several beings.

While the erotic author in me applauds the idea of the greatness of Eros, I also love the idea that his power, and therefore that of the erotes, stems primarily from a woman, the Olympia goddess Aphrodite (sometimes called Venus in Roman mythology).

Aphrodite’s influence will be evident throughout this series. But for now, my celebration of the ancient Greek gods of love begins with my gorgeous hero Pothos, who represents the aspect of sexual yearning. Jennifer Lynne

PLATINUM PASSION is the first book in romance author Jennifer Lynne’s Gods of Love series of short stories. Many authors claim to write erotic fantasy and fiction, but true to the definition, Jennifer Lynne’s Gods of Love series is pure erotic fantasy–18+

Jeannie is celebrating her 20th wedding anniversary reading a romance novel, when the cover model suddenly appears at her door. Beckoning her forward, Pothos-the god of sexual yearning-as the personification of the cover hero, stirs something deep within Jeannie, that has been buried for years. Looking back at her husband Jake, exhausted and asleep, beside her under the covers, Jeannie enters into a world of sandy beaches, warm water and a fantasy come true.

Pothos, as the god of sexual yearning, has come to Jeannie to sate her every desire, but Jeannie is madly in love with her husband. Real life has over-shadowed their intimate encounters as Jake’s new business venture takes up all of his time. Hoping to add some sexual intimacy back into their life, Pothos has ‘heard’ their desires and yearnings, and is more than willing and able to help the couple live out their fantasies.

Platinum Passion is a short story, with an erotic sexual storyline involving 2 males and 1 female. Using Greek mythology as a base for her Gods of Love series, Jennifer writes an interesting story of one couple’s desires to re-kindle the passion in their relationship. The storyline is erotic and fast paced, and perhaps one that could be read in bed, at night with a partner……or two!!

Reviewed by Sandy


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