Pride and Precipitation by Heather Horrocks-a review

PRIDE AND PRECIPITATION (Chick Flick Clique #1) by Heather Horrocks

PRIDE AND PRECIPITATION is the first novella (September 2012) but second release in Heather Horrocks new Chick Flick Clique series focusing on a group of girlfriends, living in Aspen Grove, who get together once a week for movies, food and gossip. Pride and Precipitation follows weather meteorologist Breezy Jones and the take over at Aspen Grove’s local news station.

Breanna (Breezy) Jones is an award winning meteorologist who is loved by everyone until the day Noah Drake, the new station manager tells her that she will now be the assistant to a hot and high profile weathercaster from California. But to Breezy’s dismay, Noah’s off-handed comments to another will find Breezy believing that she is nothing but a ‘Pollyanna’ and the station needs an infusion of new blood to boost the ratings. When personalities collide, Breezy will find herself giving notice and walking away from a job that she loves.

Noah Drake finds himself attracted to the ‘spunky’ meteorologist and is completely taken off-guard when she quits. He should have realized that money isn’t everything, especially when Breezy found herself being relegated to coffee girl for a spoiled Californian implant. But Noah will soon learn that the people of Aspen Grove love their little ‘Pollyanna’ and it will be Noah who must go groveling back, when his job is on the line.

The Chick Flick Clique get together once a week to watch movies and talk. We will discover that not everyone is happy in their current relationships, and someone will soon lose a loved one to cancer. The friends allow each other to cry and bitch, as well as sharing many laughs about the local townspeople and the happenings around town. And to Breezy’s surprise, her friends will begin a crusade to get Breezy back on the job.

PRIDE AND PRECIPITATION is a humorous and romantic storyline with a HEA. Breezy has a very positive outlook on life and most would probably consider her personality a little on the quirky side with a touch of Pollyanna. I picture Amy Adams as the character of Breezy. And it was a welcome surprise to learn that a group of women could all get along without a cat fight to end their friendship. If you are looking for a quick read on a quiet night, Pride and Precipitation is a welcome read.

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Reviewed by Sandy


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  1. Great review Sandy!!! Love the character names!! Noah Drake was a character on General Hospital played by Rick Springfield!! Sounds like a fun read!!

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