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Protector’s Mate is the second novel and April 2012 release in Katie Reus Nocturne Craving series of paranormal stories. Following shortly after the events in Destined Mate, Protector’s Mate follows shifter wolf Alaric and his soon to be mate Felicia, as they are followed by a trio of wolves hoping to stop their reunion.

Felicia Serna is a lone wolf who was abandoned by her family as a pup, and with no apparent pack to call her own, she enlisted for a tour of duty in Afghanistan. Five years later, she has never forgotten the man, who called to the wolf within.

Alaric is over 500 years old, second-in-command to Knox’s Alpha, and all male. But five years was too long to wait to claim his mate. The wolf within needed to know his female was safe, and he took it upon himself to ensure that her whereabouts were known all the times. With a few well-place emails Alaric was soon ‘talking’ with the woman who was his to claim.

When Felicia finally landed on home soil, it wasn’t only Alaric hoping to ‘capture’ the beauty. Needing to find a ‘safe house’, the couple must abandon their ride, and spend the night together. But it is the wolf within Alaric that is consumed with protecting his mate, and when the couple is threatened by wolves with another agenda Alaric calls in his family, to help defend and protect.

Protector’s Mate is a quick and easy read. And like Destined Mate, the novel is fast paced and moves quickly to the heart of the storyline. Katie has written these novellas as stand-alone paranormal stories, but so far I am enjoying the ‘serial ‘ style to the books. I hope she continues this particular line because the couples thus far, have been enjoyable and I want to know more about the American Pack and their adventures.

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Reviewed by Sandy


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  1. Wonderful review, Sandy. sigh, I have to buy this series, its sounds like something i would love. I do not think my TBR pile will ever go down, as i keep finding new things now. lol

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