Rake’s Redemption (Wind Dragons MC #4) by Chantal Fernando-a review

RAKE’S REDEMPTION (Wind Dragons MC #4) by Chantal Fernando-a review

Rake's Redemption

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date June 28, 2016

Rake is known for being up for anything, in and out of the bedroom. He’s wild, he’s deadly, yet quick with a joke or a stolen kiss. Known as the player of the WDMC, he loves women, the more the merrier. However, behind his womanizing façade, Rake hides the pain of losing his first love, Bailey. He hasn’t loved anyone since, and doesn’t think he ever will.

Seven years after their split, Rake and Bailey run into each other at the MC’s favorite club. Old wounds resurface, secrets are spilled…and passionate feelings are awakened. But they’ve each done things to hurt the other, hurt them too badly to get over it—haven’t they? Only when Bailey’s connection to Rake puts her in danger from another Club member does he realize that there’s nothing he won’t do to protect her—and claim her as his once again.


REVIEW: RAKE’S REDEMPTION is the fourth full-length installment in Chantal Fernando’s contemporary, adult WIND DRAGONS MC erotic, romance series focusing on the men and women of the Wind Dragons motorcycle club. This is bad boy/manwhore Rake (aka Adam), and elementary school teacher/single parent Bailey’s story line. RAKE’S REDEMPTION can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty.

Told from dual first person points of view (Rake and Bailey) RAKE’S REDEMPTION is a second chance story line between two people whose lives fell apart years before. Seven years earlier high school sweethearts Adam and Bailey were destroyed by betrayal and misunderstanding leaving broken hearts and thoughts of deception in its wake. Fast forward to present day wherein Adam, now known as Rake, will come face to face with the woman he has always loved –the woman who shattered his heart. What ensues is a rekindling romance tempered by thoughts of hatred and despair. When the truth is revealed, and Bailey’s past resurfaces Rake takes matter into his own hands and seeks out those who shattered their lives.

RAKE’S REDEMPTION has a large ensemble cast of secondary and supporting characters including all of the previous storyline couples, and members of the Wind Dragons MC. We are introduced to Bailey’s best friend Tia, Tia’s son Rhett, and Bailey’s six year old daughter Cara. Members of the Wild Men MC play a small role including the club president Talon whose relationship to Rake and his sister Anna is an interesting story line. Tia has eyes for the Wild Men’s president. I am hoping Chantel Fernando writes a spin off series focusing on the Wild Men MC.

The world building continues to focus on the world of the motorcycle club: the men, the women, the rivals and the $ex-lots and lots of $ex. Like most MC story lines, the text and language is sometimes graphic but the violence remains behind the scenes-mostly implied or glossed over.

RAKE’S REDEMPTION is a story about betrayal and loss; revenge and retribution; second chances and falling in love. The premise is emotional and entertaining; the characters are passionate and energetic; the romance is fated and hot. The epilogue fast forwards ten years into Rake and Bailey’s story-I am hoping it is a glimpse into the future and the author hasn’t skipped over the other members of the club.

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