Razed (Barnes Brothers #2) by Shiloh Walker-Review and Giveaway

Razed (Barnes Brothers #2) by Shiloh Walker-Review and Giveaway

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Barnes Brothers #2
by Shiloh Walker
Genre: adult, contemporary, romance
Release Date: December 2, 2014


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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date December 2, 2014

Tattoo artist Keelie Jessup can handle that someone else has claimed the man of her dreams. She’s just not pleased with her remaining options…

Keelie doesn’t believe in the “perfect man.” But the men who are worth the trouble are usually taken—like her business partner Zach Barnes. After a string of bad luck and the lost chance with Zach, Keelie decides that maybe flying solo—and living with suppressed desires—is the key to happiness.

As a photographer, Zane Barnes has an eye for the human form, and his eyes can’t get enough of Keelie’s curves. Unfortunately, Keelie is like most women—always fawning over his little brother, Zach. Zane is about ready to give up, but then a few stolen moments at his brother’s wedding have him thinking maybe there’s a chance there after all. Now he just has to prove that the perfect man does exist…for her.


REVIEW: RAZED is the second installment in Shiloh Walker’s adult, contemporary Barnes Brothers series focusing on –what else-the Barnes brothers. This is photographer Zane Barnes and tattoo artist Keelie Jessup’s storyline.

Told from third person point of view, RAZED takes the reader back to Zach Barnes’s tattoo studio Steel Ink. At Zach’s wedding to the love of his life Abby, tattoo artist Keelie Jessup finds herself in the arms of Zach’s brother Zane-the wedding photographer and the man who will become an integral part of Keelie’s life. For three years Zane has crushed on Keelie but still three months after the wedding Keelie continues to say no to Zane’s attempts at dinner. It is not until a disastrous blind date for Keelie does the possibility of a future with Zane begin to take on a more positive outlook.

The relationship between Keelie and Zane is slow to develop as Keelie holds herself back. There are secrets from Keelie’s past that come back to the present and it is the memories of what has happened that keep Keelie hidden away from public eyes; and not to be out done, Zane’s past is buried amongst the photographs he keeps hidden from the people that he loves. The sex scenes are intimate, seductive and hot.

The colorful, realistic and emotional secondary characters include most of the previous storyline players including Zach and Abby from book 1 WRECKED, and the gang at Steel Ink. Zach’s love for both his brother and Keelie manifests into some awkward moments that are difficult to understand – but then again, the relationship between brothers is often fraught with jealousy and hurt. We are introduced to Zach and Zane’s brothers-Trey, Travis and Sebastian-each will have their story told in a future novel. Trey’s story is next- a single father and widower who is unable to let go of the past.

RAZED is a passionate story about family, betrayal, heartbreak and moving on. While Zane focuses on going forward, Keelie keeps to the shadows fearing recognition and being found. Shiloh’s characters will captivate your imagination and pull you in along their journeys of romance and love.

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Reviewed by Sandy

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Shiloh Walker has been writing since she was a kid. She fell in love with vampires with the book Bunnicula and has worked her way up to the more…ah…serious vampire stories. She loves reading and writing anything paranormal, anything fantasy, and nearly every kind of romance. Once upon a time she worked as a nurse, but now she writes full time and lives with her family in the Midwest.

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