Rebecca’s Lost Journals Volumes 1-4 by Lisa Renee Jones-combined review

REBECCA’S LOST JOURNALS (The Inside Out Trilogy Journals) by Lisa Renee Jones

The SeductionTHE SEDUCTION (Rebecca’s Lost Journals Volume #1) / / Barnes and Noble / KOBO

Release Date: January 28, 2013

For anyone who has read or is following Lisa Renee Jones’ Inside Out Trilogy, the premise focuses on Sara McMillan-a woman who has found and is reading a series of journals written by a young woman who was once employed by the same man with whom Sara is now working. Hoping to find some clue about Rebecca’s disappearance, Sara searches for answers in the revealing journals about the ‘what’ and the ‘who’ in Rebecca’s life.

THE SEDUCTION is the introductory novella (part 1 of 5) that reveals the premise behind the seduction of Rebecca. Rebecca is a hard working young woman, who knows a thing or two about difficult times and paying the bills. But the day Rebecca steps into The Riptide art gallery her life will change forever. What ensues is a journal of reflection; of question; of need; of worries. She is a woman torn between doing what she knows to be right and taking the plunge into a world of unknowns and new beginnings.

The journal itself is a time line of dates and what Rebecca deems important enough to write, but throughout we are kept in the dark as to the identity of the man who is pulling Rebecca deeper into a life she had never experienced or knew existed. Rebecca will begin to discover that what the ‘Master’ wants, the ‘Master’ gets and it will be Rebecca who must make the ultimate decision if and when to take the next step.

THE SEDUCTION is an interesting introspective into one woman’s journey of discovery. The ‘Master’ claims that Rebecca will hold all of the power, but Rebecca sees something different-the possibility of losing more than her heart-but herself.

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The ContractTHE CONTRACT (Rebecca’s Lost Journals Volume #2) by Lisa Renee Jones / /Barnes and Noble/ KOBO

Release Date: February 18, 2013

THE CONTRACT is the second novella (part 2 of 5) in Lisa Renee Jones’ Rebecca’s Lost Journals series. We follow as Rebecca grows into a strong, independent and successful salesperson for The Riptide art gallery; she is a woman coming into herself. But Rebecca is also a woman contemplating a different offer-one that involves being the ’slave’ to her ‘Master.’

When the ‘Master’ offers a contract, Rebecca is as lost and confused as any newbie in the Dom/sub lifestyle. She begins to question the minute details of the contract knowing that the wording could place her in a very precarious position (so to speak). When the ‘Master’ begins to demonstrate what it is he expects from his slave, Rebecca will reconsider exactly what and to whom she is about to turn over control.

Lisa furthers the storyline as a few of the secondary characters are given a voice or frame of reference. There are a couple of men vying for Rebecca’s attention but it is both her boss and her ‘Master’ that will garner most of the journal’s intimate details as well as the continuing series of nightmares that plague Rebecca throughout the books.

THE CONTRACT continues Rebecca’s journey from independent woman to ‘slave’, but it also allows the reader to get a deeper understanding of the nuances behind the fear and anxiety facing a young woman trapped between the life she wants and the lifestyle she is being offered.

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His SubmissiveHIS SUBMISSIVE (Rebecca’s Lost Journals Volume #3) by Lisa Renee Jones / /Barnes and Noble/

Release Date: April 22, 2013

HIS SUBMISSIVE is the third novella (part 3 of 5) in Lisa Renee Jones’ Rebecca’s Lost Journal series. Rebecca has taken the next step of her journey and with that the realization that she wants to be the submissive to her ‘Master’. But Rebecca’s acceptance and contract negotiations do not run smoothly at the outset. Eager to finalize the deal, Rebecca will soon learn that even contract negotiations are not done without permission from the Master. The rules are made for a reason and if broken, punishment is never negotiable.

The reader is privy to Rebecca’s concerns and worries as well as her emotional development whenever her Master commands. We watch and learn along with Rebecca as she endeavors to become the submissive. The reader is given a front row seat into the world in which Rebecca has recently consented. Some things are not as they appear and Rebecca’s introduction into the world of BDSM will shock as well as arouse when she must bow to her ‘Master’s’ demands.

HIS SUBMISSIVE gives the reader a glimpse into the world of Dom/sub relationships and what our heroine Rebecca will encounter in the next stage of her acceptance and submission. I can only hope that Rebecca does not lose herself to the man who will be taking the ultimate control of her body and her heart.

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My MasterMY MASTER (Rebecca’s Lost Journals Volume #4) by Lisa Renee Jones / /Barnes and Noble/

Release Date: May 2013

MY MASTER is the fourth novella (part 4 of 5) in Lisa Renee Jones’ Rebecca’s Lost Journal series. My Master focuses on Rebecca’s contract renewal as ‘slave’ to the ‘Master’. But Rebecca knows that the terms laid out in the contract are not what she is willing to sacrifice for or negotiate. As she recalls everything she was ‘asked’ to do, Rebecca will take a long, hard look to determine if she was truly the one with all of the control.

At this point, Rebecca has become much more than the ‘slave’ to her ‘Master’ but the ‘Master’ is unable to take the next step in their relationship. There is a stumbling block for Rebecca when she knows what the ‘Master’ wants is not a relationship but a willing slave for now and in the future. The ‘Master’ has built a lifestyle, one of which Rebecca has become an intricate and important part, but one that still involves a ‘slave’ to his ‘Master.’ When Rebecca asks for more, the ‘Master’ is not able to comply.

My Master is a revealing look at Rebecca’s fears of losing herself to the man with whom she may be falling in love. But love doesn’t recognize the dark side of the ‘Master’ and it will be take all of her strength to show the ‘Master’ what it is SHE wants –now and in the future. Lisa takes the reader on an emotional roller coaster ride as we are witness to Rebecca’s pain and sorrow at the choices she will have to make.

My heart broke for Rebecca throughout the novella series. Although she went into the contract knowing that the arrangement was purely a ‘Master to slave’ relationship, I could feel the pain and sorrow when Rebecca finally realized that what she wanted from her ‘Master’ was more than he was willing to give. The outcome was expected but the rush of sympathy can only be explained as someone who was looking for love and acceptance, only to lose herself in the process. When Rebecca begins to take back control of her life, there will be more than one broken heart in the end. Perhaps it is Rebecca who has taken the ultimate control of a man’s heart and his soul. Lisa Renee pulls the reader into the storyline; we become one with Rebecca as she experiences the emotional highs and lows on her journey of self discovery.

Copy supplied by the author.

Reviewed by Sandy


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  1. Wow. Amazing series tied in to Lisa’s Inside Out Trilogy. I have only read the first two, so I am looking forward to # 3 and #4. Great reviews Sandy. Thanks.

  2. Great reviews. If I Were You was fantastic. Can’t wait for Being Me. I will have to check out these Journals. I didn’t know Lisa had written a novella series about Rebecca’s journals.

  3. Wodnerful reviews! I so agree with them. We feel for Rebecca through out each one of the journals while we wait for Being Me to come out in June. I’m dying for the third and fourth journals to be released so I can catch up with the bloggers. Have my pre-orders in. This is a great series!

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