Reborn (Six Savior #3) by Carly Fall- a review and guest post

REBORN (Six Savior #3) by Carly Fall-a review and guest post

REBORN (Six Saviors #3) by Carly Fall

REBORN is the third storyline (August 8, 2012 release) in Carly Fall’s Six Savior series.

Background: 6 saviors warriors from planet SR44: Rayner, Hudson, Noah, Cohen, Jovan & Talin. The warriors were sent to earth 211 years ago to stop and eradicate the 12 murderers who escaped from one of the moon colonies of planet SR44. The Colonists, as they were soon called, made their way to Earth, took the human body form, mated with the females and populated the earth with Colonist DNA. The savior warriors are part of the elite military from planet SR44, commissioned to remove the Colonists from Earth. The beings on planet SR44 are incorporeal bodies of mist and smoke, each bearing a different color, but in their corporeal bodies on Earth, their eyes will glow their familiar- planet SR44 color each evening. REBORN is Hudson’s story and his eyes are yellow.

Hudson’s life was over. He had lived over 1200 years and he was in so much pain. The only woman he had ever loved never felt the same about him, and the fact that she was killed by the Colonists, has never stopped the pain he has felt since her rejection. With his family back on SR44 dead and his ‘delinquent’ brother presumably MIA or dead, there was no one left for him to worry. Now that his daughter Abby was happily mated to his ‘warrior brother’ Noah, Hudson is determined to end his life. Booking a room at The Four Seasons Hotel, Hudson ate his last meal, found a woman for the night and saw the most beautiful pair of green eyes staring at him through the mirror in the bar. Oh well, this was his last night on Earth and no one was going to interrupt his plans. Well maybe the Colonist who had tied his body to a chair and was currently torturing and slicing up his body with a blade. But when blackness over took, the last thing he remembered were the beautiful green eyes of a woman he never had the chance to meet.

Dr. Beverly Devlone had spent the last few weeks in rehab. Following the suicide of her mother and the car accident that all but destroyed her pelvis, Beverly’s life had sunk to a new low when she was caught stealing prescription pain killers from the hospital pharmacy where she worked. With her career in ruins, Beverly checked herself into detox and waited for the day she could drive across country and forget about everything that had happened. Checking into The Four Seasons Hotel, Beverly would catch the eye of a beautiful stranger, only to find herself the next morning, following the orders of a group of strangers trying to save the life of their friend-the man she had seen the night before in the bar. He had been brutally tortured and the blood loss was great, and Beverly was the only available ‘physician’ at the time. Blindfolded and scared, she was escorted to a waiting vehicle where in the next few hours her life was about to change.

The warriors were royally pissed. No one was to bring home a human-regardless whether she saved Hudson’s life or not. Believing their lives were now compromised, it would take a wounded Hudson to stand up and protect Beverly from the others he has always called friends. But with the Colonists on the move, Beverly would become a liability, especially now that she knew where they lived. And Hudson was in denial about his feelings for Beverly, as he claimed to hold on to the memories from his past. He was unable to move on from the rejection of the woman he once thought he could call mate.

As Hudson’s strength and health returned, Beverly knew her time with the group of friends was drawing to an end. But seeing the glowing yellow eyes of the man she was beginning to love, she knew that these people were not quite human. When their stories were finally revealed, it took everything in Beverly not to run for the hills, and like these Six Savior Warriors, Beverly had some secrets of her own. But it wasn’t until the day that the Colonist showed up to finish the job he started on Hudson, did Beverly know the true meaning of fear. The man she was starting to love, wasn’t the man who she saw killing the stranger outside. But the identity of the Colonist would shock everyone including Hudson knowing he once thought the stranger was dead.

Leaving Hudson was one of the most difficult decisions Beverly ever chose. With the help of Abby and Faith, Beverly would take advantage of the Colonists death, and head out to try and start a new life on her own. But a few weeks later, Beverly knew she had made a mistake and knew she had to return to Hudson, if only for the support of what lay ahead for their future-together or alone.

REBORN is another wonderful storyline in Carly Fall’s Six Savior series. Hudson is a man lost in a world of self-doubt and pain, and it will take the love of a beautiful woman with some demons of her own, to bring him back to life. Hudson’s denial of the possibility of ever loving again, bleeds a self-fulfilling prophecy, when he doesn’t allow himself the freedom to find happiness.

Carly includes some of the background information from the previous storylines, which is always a benefit to new readers. I like the fact the warriors all live together which allows for plenty of interaction between all of the character from the previous storylines and future novels. There was not as much action in this particular story, as the novel dealt with two people fighting their own inner demons. Another HEA for a Savior Warrior from the planet SR44.

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Reviewed by Sandy


The hard to write character

First, thank you Sandy for having me here today.

REBORN was definitely the hardest book for me to write in this series. Every hero has to have some inner turmoil, and with Hudson, it was tough to get it right.

In the other two books of this series, The Light Within Me and Finding My Faith, Hudson was a background character that we got a glimpse of every now and then. In those books, he was big, strong, sexy, and a total ladies man who looked like he had the world at his fingertips. He could also work it in a pair of leather pants. Based on these attributes, he quickly became everyone’s favorite.

In writing this book, my challenge was to keep that illusion in tact, but show the depth of pain this guy had been in for such a long time, and to connect that pain with his actions that had become his normal behavior in the eyes of his fellow Warriors. I had to do this without him seeming like a whiner. An assassin who whines just doesn’t work. 🙂

Many, many revision went into this book, and I hope I got Hudson’s story right. He’s a wonderful character, one that I’m not quite done with. I do believe his story will continue, and I look forward to writing it.






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11 thoughts on “Reborn (Six Savior #3) by Carly Fall- a review and guest post

  1. Great review, Sandy. I really do like the sound of this series. I have 90 books on my kindle tbr. not sure if i bought any of this series, ill have to look it up. but this one has gotten my interest.

    thanks Carly, enjoyed your guest post

  2. If anyone has any questions about the series, please leave them here in the comments. I will be checking back frequently over the next couple of days and I’m happy to answer any questions 🙂

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