REFLECTED IN YOU (Crossfire #2) by Sylvia Day-a review

REFLECTED IN YOU (Crossfire #2) by Sylvia Day- a review

REFLECTED IN YOU (Crossfire #2) by Sylvia Day

REFLECTED IN YOU is the second storyline (October 2012 release) in Sylvia Day’s erotic romance Crossfire series. Gideon and Eva’s relationship continues its’ sexually charged and frighteningly obsessive climb until there is no place left to go but into the abyss. The roller coaster of emotions is blatantly palpable but our hero’s frenetic change between Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde will give you the same whiplash as the storyline’s heroine. Reflected in You continues at the same point in which we left off in Bared To You.

Gideon and Eva’s relationship is built on a mutual need. The sexual energy is highly charged and there is rarely a moment when the couple is not engaged is some sort of act. Their need for each other seems to overwhelm their daily lives so that at any moment they could be caught in the act. But great sex isn’t always enough and Eva will learn that first hand when Gideon begins to pull away. Even couple’s therapy isn’t working when one-half of the pair refuses to admit the truth.

Eva’s best friend and roommate Cary has sworn to Eva to clean up his act, but will find himself a victim of Eva’s past. Hoping to take Eva away for a weekend for two, Gideon all but kidnaps Eva for some R&R pledging himself to her for all eternity. But Gideon is hiding a secret and Eva begins to believe that whatever is pulling him away, has something to do with his past. His inability to confide the truth to Eva will plant the seeds of mistrust and jealousy will rear its’ head when Eva finds Gideon in pubic with his ex-fiance. Thinking two can play at that game, Eva embarks on a series of lunches that will push Gideon Cross over the edge.

Gideon’s nightmares once again play a major role in the development of mistrust between the couple. His refusal to open his heart to the woman who has fallen in love with him, will begin to form a barrier that will grow larger every time he withdraws and refuses to acknowledge his past. When Gideon is ready, Eva may not be around to hear the truth.

Eva’s past will eventually catch on two levels. A former flame will come to town hoping to reconnect, but a young age, she acted defiantly and stupid, and does not want to revisit the past. But Eva’s nightmares return as well, and in true thriller fashion, her nightmares will become real. As Gideon continues to pull away, Eva comes to the realization that perhaps her past was too difficult for Gideon and, that alone, would shatter the confidence she has been rebuilding for so many years. Perhaps she was meant to be alone after all.

REFLECTED IN YOU is an amazing ride of emotional ups and downs. Sylvia Day has taken two broken souls and thrown them together into what can only be called a tsunami of gut wrenching waves of sorrow and pain. This couple is utterly wrong for each other and yet utterly right. Eva grounds Gideon’s personality quirks as well as his heart. Reflected in You will leave you wondering when a secondary storyline draws attention to Eva’s past and the investigation lands on everyone’s front door.

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Reviewed by Sandy


10 thoughts on “REFLECTED IN YOU (Crossfire #2) by Sylvia Day-a review

    • If you get a chance Fran, it is a wonderful series. Many compare it to 50 Shades…there are some similarities like the billionaire and his young girlfriend, secret pasts etc…but overall, the two series are different…and in a good way.

  1. This was a excellent review, Sandy. I have heard a lot of Sylvia. I have Bared to You, but have not had the time to read it yet. Reading your review makes me want to start it soon.

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