Release Me by J. Kenner-a review

Release Me by J. Kenner – a review


RELEASE ME by J. Kenner

RELEASE ME is the first storyline (January 2013 release) in J. Kenner’s new erotic romance series featuring Damien Stark and Nichole (Nikki) Fairchild.  Like many of latest popular serial erotic romance storylines such as Fifty Shades of Grey and The Crossfire Trilogy by Sylvia Day, Nikki and Damien have secrets from their pasts, overcome insurmountable odds, and are pursued by the ghosts of painful childhood memories. But wait…before you say….”oh no, not another one.” will suck you in from the very start.

 A billionaire who knows what he wants- Damien Stark is our hero. Starting at four years of age Damien became the poster child for junior tennis but a manipulative father and a controlling coach destroyed Damien’s life leaving him with some issues of control.

Damien wants Nikki.  As the story progresses, we learn that Nikki and Damien had met six years previous and Nikki believes that Damien does not remember their meeting.  But like many of our stalkerish type heroes, Damien has kept up with Nikki’s life, so much so, that most of her adult life has been choreographed through Damien Stark. And with their latest ‘accidental’ meeting, Damien pursues Nikki to make her-his own. If you are a fan of Fifty Shades or Crossfire Trilogy you will like Release Me.

Damien likes his games of sex.  From phone sex to light BDSM, Damien is a man who gets what he wants, but he will not hurt Nikki knowing the horrific past she has had to endure.  But along with Nikki’s secrets Damien has a few of his own that he is reluctant to reveal.
Nikki Fairchild is our heroine.  Forced into the pageant circuit at a young age, Nikki and her sister became their mother’s ticket to fame and fortune. But pageant life and life at home were never easy for Nikki and her sister and in the end guilt will weighed heavily on Nikki Fairchild’s shoulders.

Release me follows a similar path as the other well-known and successful series written the same genre.  We have the requisite BFF, manipulative and vindictive boss and an ex-boyfriend who wants nothing more than to become something more.

I enjoyed RELEASE ME because there were some differences if only in the actual content and overall story outline. J. Kenner has written a sensually seductive storyline that catches your imagination and pulls you in because of its’ familiarity and recognizable premise.  Either way, a tortured and brooding hero is always high on my TBR list.


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Reviewed by Sandy


16 thoughts on “Release Me by J. Kenner-a review

  1. Great review Sandy!!!! This sounds like a fun read….though I feel a little hesitation because of the whole controlling parents…yeah I kinda have some little inner demons concerning controlling parents…not my blood parents but….*shudders*—I need to get over the block because it sounds like a good book. XD

  2. I think this is one I might like especially if you are comparing it to 50 Shades and the Crossfire series. Great review and I will keep an eye out for it in january.

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