Rescue from the Baron (Airship Adventure Chronicles #2) by Lara Nance-a review

RESCUE FROM THE BARON (Airship Adventure Chronicles #2) by Lara Nance-a review

Rescue from the Baron


RESCUE FROM THE BARON (Airship Adventure Chronicles #2) by Lara Nance

ABOUT THE BOOK:  Released October 2012

Lady Arabella Trunkett’s adventures continue as she seeks to rescue Rett after he’s kidnapped in Moro. Bounty hunters, eager for the fortune offered by the Baron, spirit Rett to the smuggling king’s hidden compound. Belle and her friends sail Rett’s airship in pursuit, knowing he will never escape without help once he’s with the evil Baron, deep in the dangerous Nabu Rainforest. She is faced with a perilous journey filled with larger than life man-eating beasts. In the end, she must outwit the equally blood-thirsty and ruthless Baron who is intent on making a lesson of Rett with the worst possible death. And if she doesn’t succeed, she’ll be the next one to die.



REVIEW:  RESCUE FROM THE BARON is the second storyline in Lara Nance’s  Steampunk genre-Airship Adventure Chronicles.

Again, for those that do not know about the Steampunk genre: there is a detailed description on Wikipedia at:  But a simple explanation  would be a ‘sub-genre of science fiction that typically features steam-powered machinery, often set in alternative history of the 19th century British Victoria or American Wild West.’

 Book two finds our heroine Arabella Trunkett on another adventure of search and rescue.  In the first storyline, Arabella picked up a couple of extra adventurers as well as her ex-fiance who is now the object of her current search.  As an airship captain, Rett’s job is to pick up and ferry cargo between countries, but when one particular flight becomes victim to air-pirates, Rett is beholding to a powerful Baron who is more than willing to make an example out of Rett’s inability to deliver the goods.

Once again, Rett and Arabella’s relationship continues to grow (albeit very slow), especially during their separation.  Each remembers a different time and place-perhaps one is willing to forgive and the other is willing to start over.  But get the two of them together, along with an interfering although well-meaning pirate, and all plans go awry.  I am not sure how most Steampunk romances develop, but this one is fraught with tension and anxiety and, mistaken beliefs that lead our couple no where –fast.  There is little in the way of a one-on-one relationship as their adventures, captivity and life-threatening scenarios keep putting a kibosh on any personal time between Rett and Arabella and, when the two are finally together neither is willing to admit their feelings to one another.  It is disappointing to me, especially when you know the two are meant for each other, but there is always something or someone interfering.  Then again, this is an adventure series where this is little time for romance and sex.

Lara Nance continues a storyline similar to the Star Wars saga-one where we know the adventure takes us to strange worlds and destination with even stranger enemies.  The similarities are unmistakable, even if, the premise and certain situations are slightly reversed and placed upon different characters.  If you enjoy a fantasy adventure with a backdrop of science fiction, this series is for you. 

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Reviewed by Sandy


12 thoughts on “Rescue from the Baron (Airship Adventure Chronicles #2) by Lara Nance-a review

  1. Thanks for the nice review! Yes, it’s hard to keep that romance simmering, but saving the world is sooooo important. LOL. Anyway, readers won’t be disappointed. I’m finishing up the third book right now and things are looking good for our star crossed lovers…. Stay tuned! XOXOXO Lara

  2. Another great review Sandy. I do like to read ‘saga’ type stories where the adventure continues, but it’s that whole sci-fi think that has me indecisive. I love fantasy adventure, just not sure I’d enjoy the sci-fi parts thrown in.

    • Not really sci-fi only in the ‘machinery and steam powered engines’

      The genre of Sci-fi is noted for ‘science’ and of course steam powered generators and airships can be included in Science….but not sci-fi perse

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