RISE OF THE FALLEN by Donya Lynne-a review

RISE OF THE FALLEN (AKM 1) by Donya Lynne-a review

RISE OF THE FALLEN (All The King’s Men #1) by Donya Lynne

RISE OF THE FALLEN is the first novel (released March 2012) in Donya Lynne’s All The King’s Men paranormal series. All The King’s Men or AKM are a group of elite vampire warriors and mutant vampires brought together to save the humans and rid the world of the Drecks (hybrid vampire shape shifters). The series contains some BDSM, M/M and bisexual relationships as well as a HEA. Adult content.

Samantha (Sam) is hiding in plain sight. On the run from an abusive husband, Sam works nights at a ‘gentlemen’s club’ but keeps her true identity a secret through the use of costumes and masks. But when Sam stumbles upon a man being savagely beaten, she puts her military background and training into practice. And taking home the badly injured stranger, will open doors to a life she never had dreamed.

Micah is a loner. Considered a loose cannon by his fellow warriors, Micah has been MIA for several days. His personal life is in shatters (due to the SUFFERING) and with no hope in sight Micah is determined to commit suicide by dreck. But the actions of a beautiful woman save Micah from his own demons, and force him to consider other options. And finding a new mate was never a consideration.

Donya’s cast of supporting players includes Micah’s fellow warriors –each with their own story of love and lost. Tristan as their leader is both sure of his role yet knows when to aid a friend in trouble. Trace, as Micah’s self-appointed guardian hides a secret that few are aware, and Severin and Arion’s relationship will need to be addressed because their awkward night together ended with neither one knowing in which direction they should go. And Micah is not without some extra special ability of his own.

RISE OF THE FALLEN is a fantastic first instalment for Donya’s ALL THE KING’S MEN paranormal series. Like most introductory storylines, there is plenty of background information, but Donya does not overwhelm the reader with an inordinate amount of data. There is romance, heartbreak and betrayal. RISE OF THE FALLEN introduces a collection of characters and potential plots as well as the possibility for the need of a few prequel storylines. I am looking forward to the second book HEART OF THE WARRIOR.

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Reviewed by Sandy


5 thoughts on “RISE OF THE FALLEN by Donya Lynne-a review

  1. wow Sandy, this is a great review. Darn,you totally hooked me in with this review that i just bought the book on amazon. sigh…my trb lists ( i have two) will never shrink at this pace.

  2. Ooooooooh, this book premise sounds SO good. I am hooked!! Micah and Sam sound like a great couple. I would like to find a fallen hero and nurse him back to health……..I guess that is only found in books!

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