Rockstar Daddy by Taryn Quinn-a review

ROCKSTAR DADDY by Taryn Quinn-a review

Rockstar Daddy

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date March 5, 2017

Badass rockstar hiding out in his isolated cabin in his hometown before his career blows up…biggest cliché ever.

Hot as hell chick who wrecks her car in my ditch? Ditto.

It’s New Year’s Eve, and we’re trapped together in a snowstorm. Hot chick is the small town sweetheart, but she’s honest and fun in a way I never expected.

She doesn’t know I’m a rockstar. So I lie to her. Because she’s seeing me for me, not the money or fame.

We end up naked. The night is incredible, the best of my life. Until I break her heart.

I’m not good enough for her. Not even close. But she makes me yearn…for everything.

Now this badass rockstar is going to be a daddy. And I need to convince the good girl to be mine.

For keeps.


REVIEW: ROCKSTAR DADDY co authored by Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott is a stand alone, rock star romance set in the world of Oblivion. This is front man and lead singer for the rock band Wilder Mind- Kellan McGuire, and college student Maggie Kelly’s story line.

Told from dual first person points of view (Kellan and Maggie) ROCKSTAR DADDY follows the building relationship between up and coming rock star Kellan McGuire, and pre-law student Maggie Kelly. On a cold and snowy New Year’s Eve Maggie Kelly finds herself in desperate need of help when she lost control of her car on an icy back road in the middle of nowhere. Enter Kellan McGuire, the man who would take control of the situation and Maggie’s heart. What ensues is a one night stand between Kellan and Maggie, and then everything falls apart when Maggie’s would-be rescuers walk in on our couple –together.

Maggie is a strong, vibrant heroine with a propensity to speak before thinking; Kellan is a dark, cynical, brooding and quiet musician who lies by omission the truth about the who and what of his life. Together, Kellan and Maggie are magical; their back and forth banter is sexy and fun.

ROCKSTAR DADDY is a story of second chances; of opposites attract; of one man’s struggle to let go of the past. Maggie’s last relationship ended badly but she never thought she would fall in love with a brooding stranger on New Year’s Eve. Kellan’s star is on the rise and he isn’t willing to sacrifice his future for a one-night kinda fling. But the heart wants what it wants and Kellan is determined to prove to Maggie that he is willing to take on chance on a future together including the surprise announcement that Maggie is expecting their child. The $ex scenes are intimate, erotic and intense.

There are a large number of secondary and supporting characters including Maggie’s large extended family, Kellan’s mother, and Maggie’s best friend Kendra who may or may not have an attraction to Maggie’s brother Liam . For cohesion and familiarity Lila Shawcross  (Lost in Oblivion) has a cameo role as Wilder Mind’s PR agent.

ROCKSTAR DADDY is a predictable story line but a story line that is full of spice, romance and unforgettable sexual energy. The premise is enjoyable and intoxicating; the characters are spirited and lively; the romance is intimate and sensual. ROCKSTAR DADDY is a great addition to the world of Oblivion and Taryn Elliott’s gods of rock.

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