Roxy’s Story (The Forbidden Prequel) by V.C. Andrews-a review

Roxy’s Story (The Forbidden Prequel) by V.C.Andrews-a review

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ROXY’S STORY (The Forbidden #2) by V.C.Andrews

ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date September 2013

The thrilling sequel to “Forbidden Sister,” featuring a high-priced escort whose goal is to reunite her sister with their relatives, but instead finds unexpected love. Kicked out of her house because her father can no longer tolerate her constant delinquency, Roxy wanders the streets of New York, living in a fleabag hotel. Spotted by an “agent” for Madam Brittany, a sophisticated woman who runs an escort service, Roxy is taken into the Madam’s “training program” where she is educated and set up with her own boutique apartment. When Roxy takes her sister in after their parents’ death, she doesn’t expect it to be for long. Her plan is to get her sister to Paris where she can live with relatives. But then Roxy’s own life becomes complicated when she falls in love with a wealthy young Frenchman while on vacation, and suddenly her immediate future seems uncertain…


REVIEW: Roxy’s Story is the second storyline (and prequel) to V.C. Andrews (Andrew Neiderman) Forbidden Sister and focuses on RoxyWilcox-the prodigal daughter of American Norton Wilcox and his Parisian wife. Although this is a prequel, the storyline also runs parallel to some of the events in Forbidden Sister.

From her difficult birth to the day she was sent packing just prior to her eighteenth birthday, Roxy has always been the troubled child-fighting, disobedient, smoking, drinking and sex. The day her father had finally had enough was the start of Roxy’s new life and one that would eat away at her parents until the end. Leaving behind her younger sister, Roxy ventures into a world of the unknown only to realize that life isn’t as easy as she had thought it would be. Roxy’s Story is told from Roxy’s POV from a young age to the present covering approximately nine years in total. The premise parallels some of the storyline in the first book of the series Forbidden Sister and answers many of the questions about what happened to Roxy following her expulsion from her family home and the only life she had known. 

The storyline premise follows Roxy as she endeavors to survive the mean streets of New York. Expecting that one day she would be on her own, Roxy had a little money saved up but found it difficult to make ends meet. Life was about to take an abrupt turn when Roxy is offered a lifetime of riches and promises-but in the end it would cost her her heart when the world of high end escort was the only means of survival for a young woman without an education, support system or family to call her own. We watch as Roxy relearns how to walk, talk and act-all in the name of the bottom line and survival.

V.C. Andrews (aka Andrew Neiderman) pulls the reader into a storyline of family dysfunction; betrayal and heartbreak; losing and letting go. We watch as one woman loses everything and everyone that she has ever cared about and in the end knows that to save her sister from the same lifestyle she will have to send her away.

ROXY’S STORY is a story of one woman’s journey from life with her dysfunctional family to the world of escorts and, the rich and famous. V.C. Andrews has written a story where a young woman is mentored into a lifestyle she had never known but one that will essentially become the very thing that will allow her to cross paths with the man to whom she will give her heart and soul. The storyline does not dwell on the sexual side of the business nor does it look at the potentially moral and ethical problems of an escort-this is one woman’s story about how she was able to survive with the help and promise made by the people who promised to protect her from the life that could have been.

I hope that V.C. Andrews will continue the sisters’s story-there is so much more to tell.

Reviewed by Sandy

Forbidden Series

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