SAVAGE REDEMPTION (Vampires #5) by Alexis Morgan-a review

SAVAGE REDEMPTION (Vampires #5) by Alexis Morgan

SAVAGE REDEMPTION (Vampire #5) by Alexis Morgan

SAVAGE REDEMPTION is the fifth storyline and September 1, 2012 release in Alexis Morgan’s VAMPIRE series of novels. A little background information to Alexis’s vampire line-Chancellors are a hybrid combination of vampire and human with the ability to stay up during the day. Like many hybrid storylines, there is discrimination against the Chancellors for their vampire like qualities, from both humans and vampires alike.

Conlan Shea had no idea what to make of his current circumstance. Finding his one-time love Kat Karr holed up against an armed assault brought back too many memories of betrayal and time spent in jail that could have ended his life. Not knowing why Kat and her two young nieces were on the O’Day estate where he was head of security amped up Conlan’s anxiety as much as seeing the woman who had broken his heart.

Kat Karr did not want to go to Rafferty O’Day, but with Rose and Maggie depending on her she knew the only place they would be safe was with Rafferty O’Day and his mate. Kat had not planned on seeing Conlan Shea, and with that, the look of pain and betrayal in his eyes, was all too familiar. Hoping to keep one step ahead of Councilman Cyrus Eddington, Kat hoped the full vampire O’Day would help find a place for the girls when she was gone. With a death warrant on her head, Kat knew her time was limited.

Conlan had barely recovered in the last year from his experience in prison where he spent two years when his last involvement with Kat went terribly wrong. Now he was willing to risk his life once again for a woman he can no longer trust. But Conlan knew that Kat has been set up three years earlier and he wasn’t about to let her go through it all over again.

Conlan’s emotions are all over the place. Knowing Kat the way he did, he wasn’t surprised when his instincts to run kicked in, but Kat was hiding a secret-one that almost cost him his life. But when she revealed the truth behind the original charges brought against, Conlan, he  knew he had to help prove her innocence, because now it was not only their lives in danger, but all vampires and Chancellors as well. Eddington had a plan to purify the planet.

SAVAGE REDEMPTION is an amazing storyline that finally gives Conlan his long awaited story. I have read the entire VAMPIRE series by Alexis Morgan and each story gets better. I love the fact that Alexis brings in many of her characters from the previous novels allowing for a more intimate and familiar flavor to the story.

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  1. This is an amazing series. If you ever get the chance to read Alexis’s Vampire series…check it out. Her first several books are only novellas, so it won’t take long to get through.

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