Saving His Mate (Crescent Moon #4) by Savannah Stuart-a review

SAVING HIS MATE (Crescent Moon #4) by Savannah Stuart-a review

Saving His Mate

ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date May 1, 2014 / / Barnes and Noble /

From the moment vampire bounty-hunter Rex Serano meets sexy shifter Margery, he’s smitten. When the alpha of the Kincaid pack asks him to join with them, he’s stunned by the offer, but the real draw is the beautiful, caring female who seems to want nothing to do with him.

Margery is the driving maternal force for her pack and she has one rule: she doesn’t date vampires. Years ago she was nearly killed by rogue vamps and she has no interest in getting involved with one now. No matter how sexy a certain, persistent bounty hunter might be.

When one of Rex’s hunts gets messy, Margery gets caught in the crossfire and he’ll do whatever it takes to protect her. They might be different species but the mating call is undeniable and too strong to ignore. Now they must find a way to reach common ground and trust their instincts if they’re going to fight for a future together.


REVIEW: SAVING HIS MATE is the fourth instalment in Savannah Stuart’s (aka Katie Reus) adult, contemporary Crescent Moon paranormal romance novella series. This is wolf shifter Margery and vampire bounty hunter Rex Serano’s storyline. Although this is the fourth in the series, SAVING HIS MATE can be read as a stand alone without too much difficulty.

While on the hunt for a rogue vampire, Rex crosses into the Kincaid Pack territory where he will meet wolf-shifter Margery. Rex knows immediately that Margery is his mate but convincing the reticent shifter is another matter. Margery has a history with the vampires and she wants nothing to do with Rex or his kind. When Rex is offered a position within the Pack he knows that his future with Margery is almost a guarantee.

The relationship between Rex and Margery is quick to develop as there is only so much room in a novella series to tell a story. From friends to lovers theirs is a relationship that is beckoned by the fates. There is an immediate attraction between our couple-one not readily accepted by all of the vampires or shifters-and in this Margery will become the pawn in a bigger game. Rex is a well respected and trustworthy vampire and, Margery is the Pack ‘mother’ who ensures everyone is looked after.

Savannah Stuart pulls the reader into a quick paced, romantic and sexy storyline. The secondary characters are colorful and bring a sense a familiarity to the story as the world building continues with the previous storyline characters and landscape.

If you are a fan of Katie Reus than Savannah Stuart’s Crescent Moon series is sure to please. There is a little bit of everything-romance, sex, suspense and a happily ever after.

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Reviewed by Sandy


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  1. Awesome Sandy . I am another who didn’t know Katie was Savannah Stuart . Sounds like a interesting read I will have to give it a closer look see Thanks.

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