Alpha Marked: Scarlet by Celia Kyle-a review

Alpha Marked #1: Scarlet by Celia Kyle- a review


ABOUT THE BOOK: Released April 3, 2013

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Contains mature adult content with M/F/M storyline

Thirty and single? Well, getcha ass to the Gathering!

As if hitting thirty wasn’t enough, unmated Scarlet Wickham is summoned to this year’s Gathering. As a woman Marked to be the mate of an Alpha pair, she’s not going to find happiness anywhere other than in the arms of two Alpha werewolves. So, off she goes with her sisters in tow. ‘Cause yeah, she’s one of the plump Wickham triplets, and they’re all being carted off to werewolf speed dating.

Keller and Madden, Ruling Alpha pair, can’t believe their luck. They’ve found their mate, and she’s more than they could have ever hoped for. She’s feisty with spirit to spare, and lush curves that they want to trace with their tongues. They can’t wait to solidify their bond and get to know the beautiful woman who is to rule at their side. But first, there’s the minor inconvenience of a challenge to the death…


REVIEW: Alpha Marked: Scarlet is the first short story in Celia Kyle’s new paranormal erotic series of novellas focusing on Scarlet, Whitney and Gabriella Wickham-fraternal triplets and potential mates to shape-shifting alpha wolves.

Called to The Gathering-a speed dating festival of marked females and alpha males hoping to ‘sniff’ out a potential mate- the human sisters had been prepared for this day since childhood. Descended from a long line of marked females, the sisters knew that eventually they would be invited to be ‘sniffed-out’ as a potential mate. But the kicker is that alpha males ruled in pairs and all ‘marked’ females who had not been claimed or mated by thirty years of age were called to The Gathering to be paraded about, sniff around and ogled for their assets. While Scarlet and Gabriella have been marked since birth, Whitney never manifested the sign marking her as a potential wolf mate but that did not stop the command for all three sisters to appear at The Gathering. The sisters are not happy about what is to come but they will eventually accept their fate much faster and easier than I would have guessed.

As the title reveals, this is Scarlet’s story. Scarlet is a worthy woman for any wolf, but she is also strong enough to handle two alpha males but to Scarlet’s surprise her wolves are the Ruling Alpha pair and there is more than one alpha pair vying for her attention. A fight to the death will ensue, where the winners become the next Ruling Alpha pair and the female becomes their mate.

Alpha Marked-Scarlet is a fast paced, interesting short storyline with a myriad of descriptive erotic scenes played out in their entirety. The sexual language is rough and hard and, therefore may not be for everyone-Celia Kyle holds nothing back during the mating scenes between the heroine and her two Ruling alphas. If you like your shifter storylines with colorful sexual language that includes a M/F/M relationship, the Alpha Marked series is for you.

Copy supplied by the author.

Reviewed by Sandy


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  1. Great review Sandy . I have to agree it sounds like a interesting read . Now if it was the males that were doing the parading around .

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