Seal Girl by Magda Knight-a review

Seal Girl by Magda Knight-a review


Seal Girl

ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date April 29, 2013

Ondine is the new girl at school, and with her flaming red hair, Irish accent and deformed hands, she’s used to being the odd girl out. She tells herself that she simply doesn’t care. But like the mythical selkies who swim in the cold Atlantic, Ondine swims to championships in high school pools, where she feels free. She chooses to be a free spirit, but when someone close starts to play dirty, it seems she runs out of choices …

Seal Girl is another contemporary take on a classical myth. Meet more brave teens tackling real-life issues in the entire Mythology High series. Knight’s next stories, “Geek Girl,” and “Glee Girl,” will be released in June and July. Jammie Kern’s stories, “Ryann in the Sky,” and “Taylor on Lockdown,” are available now.


REVIEW:  I found this to be a cute yet odd story. So this story introduces an interesting tidbit about Selkies in which stem from Celtic folklore as mermaids but not as they take the form of seals in water but humans on land. There is a crazy catch to all this as these Selkies shed their seal skins to go to land which can cause people to steal their skins to keep them trapped on land. Sounds like a messed up joke if you ask me.

You meet Ondine in detention in which she meets Mitch who is a football jock who she believes is a man who wouldn’t give her the time of day. Upon meeting Ondine, you do feel for her as she describes herself as awkward with having type IV syndactyly which give her oddly shaped hands and being a swimmer; her classmates all call her Flipper with her odd hands and affinity in the water. Sadly, there are even girls who do pick on her because of her differences. Despite all that though it seems as though Ondine actually does make a friend with Candy and Mitch actually seems to have a crush on her.

I find it very sudden on how Mitch comes on to Ondine as strongly as he does but then again this was a very short story along with how well Ondine and Candy do click at Mitch’s party.

I wanted to like this story but in all honesty it just felt a little incomplete and a tad flat for me. I really did like the whole Selkie concept in the story but I felt like they could have gone into it just a little more in the story. The characters are likeable but I wanted just a little more from them. The end left me hanging leaving me wondering what happened next, did she and Mitch get together or not. Don’t get me wrong there was still a lot to like from the book. Overall this was an okay story.

Reviewed by Xtina

Copy supplied by the author

About The Author


Magda Knight tells lies for money, and if she likes you and you like her she’ll do it for free.

Magda KnightShe is, of course, referring to the writing of fiction. She’d never tell a lie. If you *like* lies, she has written a number of them in her dystopian steampunk YA novel, JABBERWACK. You should check it out.

Believing in a topsy-turvy world full of fractured truths, Magda Knight writes primarily speculative YA, steampunk, Lovecraftian mythos, fantasy, sci-fi and horror. That’s quite a long list, and has probably just made the word ‘primarily’ a bit redundant.

Magda Knight is a feminist, and all these things she writes probably have a bit of feminism in them.

She is the co-founder and editor of the rather amazing and quite popular alternative feminist website The sum of the whole is stronger than its parts. You can contact her about Mookychick and all manner of things at

When Magda grows up she would like to be either a sword or a bear.


9 thoughts on “Seal Girl by Magda Knight-a review

  1. Nice review Xtina and sounds like an interesting storyline. I have read only one previous storyline with Selkies…similar to mermaids, they were ‘seal-like’ in the water and human on land.

    Sometimes I find that if the storyline is too short not enough time is given to character or world development.

  2. Wonderful and honest review, Xtina. I agree, the concept sounds interesting, but many times in a new concept, a short story doesnt work, leaving too much open. Unless the author is coming out with a second book in this series.

  3. Sounds like a different kind of storyline. Perhaps like Sandy said, there wasn’t enough time to fully develop the characters and premise with such a short story. I checked at Amazon and it is very, very short-about 25 pages I think.

  4. Speaking as the author, many thanks to Xtina for her honest and thoughtful review! It’s so great that you took the time to read the story and review it. ‘Geek Girl’, the next short story in the Mythology High series from Buzz Books USA, makes it very clear how Ondine and Mitch’s budding relationship pans out, as well as focusing on Mitch’s sister and the secret she can’t tell anyone at school…

    Thanks again, it was really interesting to hear your honest opinion!

  5. Great review Xtina! I need to ask, for a YA do you think it leans on the younger side? The premise sounds like something my daughter would love, but if there is strong language or sex than it’s too mature for her!

    Thanks! 🙂

    Rachel 🙂

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