Seal’s Honor (Take No Prisoners #1) by Elle James-a review

Seal’s Honor (Take No Prisoners #1) by Elle James-a review

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date February 9, 2014

SEAL Reed Tucker doesn’t believe in commitment, until he tangles the sheets with one hot pilot, Delaney O’Connell. His phobia against commitment is challenged when his best friend asks Delaney to marry him first. As a helicopter pilot for the 160th Night Stalkers, Delaney knows the risks of loving a SEAL. When her lover’s friend loses an arm in battle, she can’t refuse his marriage proposal when he’s already lost so much. In love with one man, pledged to marry another, she’s torn. Tuck and Delaney must come to grips with the happiness they owe themselves and the happiness of their friend who has lost so much.

REVIEW: SEAL’S HONOR is the first instalment in Elle James’s contemporary, adult, romance series focusing on an elite group of military men and women. This is Tucker and Delaney’s story-a story of forbidden love during an Afghanistan mission that ends in death and disaster.

Seal’s Honor is also about a friendship between two navy SEALs who have both fallen hard for the same woman but a woman who has fallen hard for only one man. Our trio -Tucker, Delaney and Reaper are friends who have shared long nights of pizza, beer and movies but it is Tucker and Delaney who have shared so much more. When Reaper surprises Delaney with a proposal of marriage, Tucker refuses to admit that his feelings for Delaney go much deeper than friendship but to that of love. Knowing that Delaney doesn’t feel the same way about Reaper, Tucker sets about trying to convince the would-be couple that neither is right for the other-but when a mission in the Middle East leaves Reaper and Delaney wounded, Tucker throws himself into a war that he knows he cannot win.

SEAL’S HONOR is a novella that introduces many of Tucker’s fellow SEALs and friends. The reader is pulled into an emotional storyline about two people who love one another but have issues with commitment and long term relationships. This is also a story where a lack of communication has affected a friendship between three people who love one another but a love that is different for each other. When friendship turns to love, there is always someone sitting on the outside looking in. Elle James has written a story of friendship and love against a backdrop of trauma and loss. To find one’s soul mate in a world at war with itself says something about the human spirit and the fight to go on.

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Reviewed by Sandy


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  1. Ahhh! I don’t want to look! 🙁 This is unbearably hard, but I believe in love and HEAs, so I hope the friendships aren’t destroyed.

    Wow! Great review, Sandy.

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