Second Chances by Abbie Williams – a Review

Second Chances by Abbie Williams – a Review


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The past summer has been a wild ride for Joelle Gordon, in more ways than one. After discovering her husband cheating, she fled Chicago for her small-town childhood home in Landon, Minnesota. There, her family’s lakeside diner, the Shore Leave Café, remains unchanged. Yet nothing else in Landon is the same, including her family of women, her three teenaged daughters, Camille, Tish, and Ruthann, and the intense, passionate love she has found with Blythe Tilson.  Now Blythe is in trouble and Jackson is back in Landon, rethinking the divorce. Joelle must face one of the most difficult and important decisions of her life – or will the Davis family curse ruin any chances of finding love?


Second Chances is the conclusion of Summer at the Shore Leave Cafe and the second Shore Leave novel by author Abbie Williams.

This novel begins with our heroine Joelle (Jo) preparing to go to Oklahoma to support her love Blythe Tilson. He’s up on charges of leaving the state without parole approval. Long story, but he had some troubles, explained in this story, that ended with his incarnation for a brief time. He thought since he had a job in Minnesota he was okay to go…short of it is he’s not a criminal even though her ex likes to say so.

He’s sentenced to thirty days, then will be released and can come back to the Shore Leafe Café to work. But not seeing him and having only 15 minutes once a week phone call and letters, makes a month feel like forever for the two of them. And while he’s away, the ex tries to win her back.

It’s an in depth look at finding your life again, beginning to put things in perspective for Jo. There’s lots of heartache for several people, as well as happiness and love, adventure and some issues. In short, it’s a great picture of the life of this family and friends at the Shore Leave Café.

Author Abbie Williams does a marvelous job of depicting the interesting lives of everyone concerned, while still having this plot revolve around Jo’s life and decisions.

There’s plenty of what most of us like, love scenes and downright romantic and hot conversations, fun, and thrills.

There was even a hint of drama for the next novel.

Reviewed by Georgianna

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