Seduced by the Vampire King by Laura Kaye-a new release review

Seduced by the Vampire King by Laura Kaye-a new release review


SEDUCED BY THE VAMPIRE KING is the second instalment and June 1, 2012 new release in Laura Kaye’s Vampire Warrior Kings series.

FROM THE WEBSITE: Seven remaining Vampire Warrior Kings battle the evil Soul Eaters in an ancient war that threatens their hearts, their lives and the very world we all share.

Kate Bordessa is an American exchange student. Fleeing to Russia to escape a possible future as the proffered virgin to a Vampire King, Kate can’t stop the feeling that there is someone or something missing in her life. And life indentured to a Vampire King was not a position she was willing to accept. But finding a bleeding and dying vampire in the shadows of a darkened alley in Moscow, tugged at a fierce protectiveness she had never known. Kate knew that the injured vampire was hers.

Nikolai Vasilyev is a Vampire Warrior King. Blaming himself for the death of his brothers, Nikolai pushes the limits of safety in the war against the Soul Eaters. But going in alone would only prove that Nikolai had become more reckless with time. Believing himself no longer worthy to wear a Warrior’s braids, Nikolai forgoes the jewels of his position, in mourning for the loss of his brothers. But a fatal miscalculation during battle with the unseen Soul Eaters leaves Nikolai alone and dying from multiple gun shot wounds that have caused more damage than he was able to heal.

Kate’s attraction to the wounded vampire is surprising. Her need to protect and save the male who lay dying at her feet seemed outlandish especially with the revelation that he was a vampire. She had fled to Russia to escape a life of servitude to a Vampire King, but his hunger and need for blood, overrode her instincts to survive. Giving freely of herself, Kate finds herself falling for the stranger who needed her more than anyone at that moment. But Nikolai’s friends would soon find the couple, and it is Kate’s surprising defense of their friend, that will result in her capture.

Nikolai has no idea what has happened. Likening to a dream, he remembers a beautiful woman with whom he has shared her blood. But when his best friend Mikhail reveals that the American woman had saved his life, Nikolai suspects that perhaps she is more than just his rescuer, but his mate. Hoping to meet Kate, Nikolai finds her imprisoned in the dungeons for a crime that she did not commit.

The attraction between the couple is immediate but Nikolai believes that he is not worthy of a mate. With the death of his brothers ingrained so deeply into his soul, Nikolai refuses to fall for the young woman. But Kate knows that she and Nikolai are destined. And when they give into their desires, the mating mark of the Vampire Warrior proves that the love of a woman is what he needed to forgive himself for the death of his friends.

SEDUCED BY THE VAMPRIE KING is another wonderful short story in the Vampire Warrior King series by Laura Kaye. Kate and Nikolai’s passion for each other will have you wanting your own Vampire Warrior King and Laura’s passion for her vampires shows through.

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Reviewed  by  Sandy


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    • @MaryAnn….we LOVE to spoil OUR friends and all the member at The Reading Cafe. We do it for YOU

      And….you will love this series. Not your typical vampire genre…but a different premise…woot!!!

  1. great Sandy, thanks for adding another book to my ever growing list. This one sounds like another must read and I’ve just bought the first book in this series yesterday. Guess what I’ll be doing as soon as I log off here???? Yep, purchasing this one too. LOL!!!! Great review Sandy

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