Seduced (Lost in Oblivion .5) by Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott-a review

SEDUCED (Lost in Oblivion 0.5) by Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott-a review

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Released July 5, 2013

Twenty-three year old Nick Crandall has one focus in his life: Oblivion, the band he formed with his best friend Simon Kagan. With gigs coming up and the band members lacking focus after losing their drummer to rehab, they’re out of ideas. Until Oblivion’s bassist, Deacon McCoy, poses a surprising suggestion.

Bring in someone new. Two someones.

One You Tube video gone viral later, Oblivion is poised on the brink of stardom. With their new hot drummer chick — who comes in a package deal with a talented guitarist who happens to be head over pick in unrequited love with her – it seems like everything’s falling into place. Or will the band Nick and Simon have fought to keep together disintegrate before their eyes?

Four guys & one woman + more success than they ever bargained for = trouble, of the sexiest kind.


REVIEW: SEDUCED is the first storyline in the contemporary New Adult series Lost in Oblivion co-authored by Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott. As an introductory storyline SEDUCED reveals the history and background and the bands stormy rise to success. We are privileged to watch as Oblivion goes from a house band playing local gigs for beer to a platinum-selling rock group with demons and secrets not quite buried in the past.

The characters are flawed and rough. There is no holding back in this particular storyline: booze, woman, sex, fights, jealousy and graphic language. The band’s rise to fame from virtual obscurity is fraught with bitter regret and rivalry, one-night stands, broken promises and broken hearts.

Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott bring the reader up close and personal into the life style that is the legend of rock and roll. We watch as two best friends come to blows over the direction of the band as well as the choices each has made. And in doing so they will come to the realization that there must be more to life than sex, drugs and booze. But for one or two, it will take a little longer to see their way through the fogged haze of a lifetime spent on the edge of oblivion.

LOST IN OBLIVION is an introductory novel that is gritty, graphic and reflects the ugly side of a life style in which many try but fail to succeed. The characters are flawed; some of their choices have failed or proved wrong; but like many in the music industry, they keep plugging away until the final note is played.

The storyline is well written and fast paced. There is always something happening or someone reflecting on the what ifs and whys. To say the characters are likeable would be stretching the truth due to the nature of the storyline, but each member of the band has a story to tell; a past they regret; and a history of demons that need to be excised or controlled.

Copy supplied by the author.

Reviewed by Sandy


17 thoughts on “Seduced (Lost in Oblivion .5) by Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott-a review

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  2. Wow. What a great review. They are a little–lol no, a lot–rough around the edges and you captured that in the review. I read this on Amazon yesterday and was giddy.

    This was definitely an introduction into the band and the crazy–the individual stories will take care of the HEA. I hope people will follow our little band of misfits.

    Thanks for such a thoughtful review.

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