Seducing Abby Rhodes by J.D. Mason – a Review

Seducing Abby Rhodes by J.D. Mason – a Review


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When Abigail Rhodes bought that old house she fell in love with in Blink, Texas, she got more than she bargained for. After being told by the local psychic that it is filled with a passionate energy from the previous owners, who died years ago, Abby decides to fix up her beloved house and reluctantly moves in. But ever since then, strange things have been happening in her newly renovated home, and Abby has been plagued with dreams that wake her up and leave her breathless.

After a tumultuous life these last few years, Jordan Gatewood is following what amounts to a trail of breadcrumbs in an effort to find a renewed sense of purpose. Searching for the truth about the man his adoptive-father really was, Jordan makes his way to the old house where his father was murdered, in Blink–and right to the petite, understated beauty that answers the door. It’s not long before Jordan realizes, quite unexpectedly, that Abby is the perfect woman for him. Jordan doesn’t believe in ghosts or fate, but he does know that the powerful connection he feels for this woman started the day he met her in that house and he is determined to make her his.

Robin is a successful Corporate Attorney, and was proud to be the lover of the most sought after bachelor in the state of Texas–until he abruptly breaks off their relationship, leaving her confused, heartbroken and bitter. When she discovers that he’s left her for another woman, a woman she considers beneath her, Robin is determined to teach him a brutal lesson.

A man like Jordan has too many secrets, secrets that, if found out, could not only destroy his relationship with this other woman, but that could also cost him the biggest business deal of his life, and possibly, his freedom. Robin is the last person he wants to go up against, and she will stop at nothing to get him back or to make him pay for his betrayal, even if that means unleashing those secrets. The question is, will Jordan let her? Or will his all-consuming obsession with Abby win out, in Seducing Abby Rhodes by J.D. Mason.



Seducing Abby Rhodes by J.D. Mason is the 2nd book of a trilogy.  I was not aware that there was a first book, but this read very well as a standalone. Abby Rhodes, our heroine, is a contractor and designer of homes, in her home town of Blink, Texas.   Abby is drawn to a small house that has been rumored to be haunted.  However, Abby decides to purchase the house and renovate it.  What she is not prepared for are the ghosts that belong to the house since a murder almost 30 years ago. Her friend, who is a physic, tells her the ghosts seem happy she is there;  so Abby decides she will move in temporarily while she is renovating.

Jordan Gatewood, our hero,  is a millionaire entrepreneur, who happens to be passing by Blink and decides to visit the old house where his father was killed.  Jordan does not know why now he decides to stop into that house, but he is drawn to it.  He meets Abby, as she is making her plans.  He leaves after a short time to go home, but he cannot forget Abby.   Jordan is also in the middle of major deal that will bring his company millions.  Robin Sinclair is a high powered attorney, who works for Jordan; she is also his mistress.  

What follows is fast paced story revolving around the ghosts of Jordan father, and his mistress; the sweet slow built romance between Jordan and Abby; and the vengeance of a woman scorned. 

As Jordan cannot stay away, he and Abby begin to fall in love.  In the midst of this, they want to understand why the ghosts remain, and since they cannot talk, it is a mystery that will slowly unravel.  Jordan has only cared about work, and his relationship with Robin and other woman was never serious. Unfortunately, Robin has fallen in love with Jordan and is determined at any cost to break up the growing relationship between him and Abby. It is Jordan’s past concerning the suicide death of his first wife, and his mistress that will possibly prevent him from staying with Abby.

Through all of this, we learn more about Jordan, his family and the murders from years before. We also learn how vicious Robin can be.  Will Jordan give up Abby to prevent Robin from destroying him and his family?  Will we learn what truly happened years before, and why the ghosts have not moved on? Will Abby find a way to keep Jordan?

J.D. Mason has written an interesting unique mystery and a wonderful romance.  Seducing Abby Rhodes held my attention from start to finish.

Reviewed by Barb

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