Sex in the Title by Zack Love-Review and Blog Tour

Sex in the Title by Zack Love-Review and Blog Tour

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Sex In The Title
by Zach Love
Release Date: October 30, 2013
Genre: adult, contemporary, fiction

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date October 2013

New York City, May 2000. The Internet bubble has burst, and Evan’s boss fires him with an email. The next day, his girlfriend dumps him, also via email. Afraid to check any more emails, Evan desperately seeks a rebound romance but the catastrophes that ensue go from bad to hilariously worse. Fortunately, Evan meets someone whose legendary disasters with females eclipse even his own.

To reverse their fortunes, they recruit their friends into a group of five guys who take on Manhattan in pursuit of dates, sex, and adventure. With musings about life, relationships, and human psychology, this quintessential New York story about the search for happiness follows five men on their comical paths to trouble, self-discovery, and love.


REVIEW: SEX IN THE TITLE is a contemporary storyline about five twenty-something men searching for sex, love and meaning in their lives. Zack Love combines the adventures of Sex in the City with the antics and exploits from Entourage resulting in a humorous and contemplative look into the minds of men on the prowl. Five men, each determined to find that special someone and finding friendship, along the way.

Zack Love takes the reader on a ride through Manhattan’s night life and city streets; hookers and bars; crazy cat ladies and wanna be porn stars. We watch as one man finds his other half, while another finds himself and still, another discovers that love is truly blind.

SEX IN THE TITLE covers ten years in the life-1993 to 2003-and some of the premise references the popular songs and fads of the day. From poignant and philosophical musings to trash speaking thugs and hookers, Zack Love covers the spectrum of colorful dialogue interspersed with meaningful meanderings from five guys who think they know what they want. And in the end, sometimes what you want isn’t what you need.

Presented as a comedic look at dating, sex and romance, there were moments that felt forced; where the attempts at being funny were painfully reminiscent of teenage boys and bathroom humor; while at other times, I would shake my head and smile at the situations and plot. But in the end, it is a story of friendship between five unlikely friends from different backgrounds and careers who all wanted something or someone to love.

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Reviewed by Sandy


“Listen to what you’re saying to me! Can you believe what you just – ”

Heeb blanked out on Melody for a moment as he remembered that he needed to deposit his mail in the mailbox a few feet away because it was the last one before he entered the Eighty-sixth Street subway station. He had been looking forward to this moment, after uncomfortably holding his mail in a stack that was sandwiched between his fingers and his cell phone, which was held down on the stack by his right thumb and pressed up to the side of his head for the conversation.

He refocused on Melody’s rant: “…not fair…I mean, listen to how you communicate with me! I feel like that’s become our problem. That’s really what this is about now: we just don’t communicate like we used – ” And that was the last thing he heard Melody say. Heeb’s painfully cramped and over-encumbered fingers were so eager to release the stack of mail from his right hand into the mailbox that they released his cell phone as well.

Heeb stood there for a moment, in dazed disbelief, looking helplessly at the sides of the mailbox. Melody’s continuing diatribe could now be heard only as a series of strangely muffled, barely audible noises, emanating from within the metal mailbox, like a transistor radio that falls into a manhole and just gives off a faint, chattering buzz.

In absurd desperation, Heeb tried cupping his hands to the mailbox for a moment, and shouting into it, hoping that she might hear what happened and that he really didn’t mean to drop the phone in the mailbox just as she was complaining about how they don’t communicate as well as they used to.

“Melody! Melody! I can’t hear you! I dropped my phone in the mailbox! Can you hear me?! I’m sorry! It slipped!”

As several commuters walked by, looking oddly at this heavyset balding man in a suit and tie crouched down low and apparently talking rather urgently to a mailbox, Heeb felt that he may have reached the nadir of his follies in the New York dating scene. But it would actually get much worse.

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Zack Love graduated from Harvard College, where he tried to create a bachelor’s degree in Women. With the bachelor portion of that degree in hand, he settled in New York City but – to afford renting his bed-sized studio – found himself flirting mostly with a computer screen and stacks of documents. Determined not to die a corporate drone, Zack decided to sacrifice sleep for screenwriting, an active social life, and Internet startups offering temporary billion-dollar fantasies.

To feed his steady diet of NYC nightlife, he regularly crashed VIP parties in the early 2000s and twice bumped into his burgeoning crush, a Hollywood starlet. But – much to Zack’s surprise – neither of those awkward conversations led to marriage with the A-list actress. Zack eventually consoled himself by imagining fiascoes far worse than those involving his celebrity crush. In the process, he dreamed up a motley gang of five men inspired by some of his college friends and quirky work colleagues. And thus was born Sex in the Title. But the novel is not autobiographical: Zack never had his third leg attacked by any mammal (nor by any plant, for that matter). In fact, keeping his member safe has been one of Zack’s lifelong goals – and one of the few that he’s managed to accomplish.


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11 thoughts on “Sex in the Title by Zack Love-Review and Blog Tour

  1. Very nice review. Sometimes an author does try too hard especially where comedy is concerned. Writing humor and comedy is difficult because everyone has a different interpretation of ‘what is funny’

  2. WOW Sandy .. that sounds completely different to anything I have read out there! Sex in the City, man style! LOL I think I am going to check this out, if nothing but be reminded of all fads of the 90’s! LOL

    Great review!

    Rachel 🙂

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