SLAVE TO PASSION (Firebrand #2) by Elisabeth Naughton

SLAVE TO PASSION (Firebrand #2) by Elisabeth Naughton

SLAVE TO PASSION (Firebrand Series#2) by Elisabeth Naughton

SLAVE TO PASSION is the second storyline (August 2012 release) in Elisabeth Naughton’s Firebrand series. As one of three brothers entrapped by a sorceress, Nasir found himself imprisoned as a slave doomed to fight in the arena for the pleasure of the highborn. With his magic all but stripped, there was little hope of escape.But the day a frightened young female was thrown into his cell, he knew the stakes had changed.

Kavan’s parents had sold her to Zayd as a slave. Hoping to save their youngest daughter, Kavan was now forced to learn the ways of a concubine. But first she had to pass a test, and to her horror, the test involved one of the arena gladiators-a marked slave: a monster. But left alone with the injured man, she soon realized that he was no monster, but a man who had had his freedom destroyed just like hers.

Throughout the years, Nasir had always blamed the death of his beloved Talah on his inability to protect her, but he would not let another female suffer at his hands. Refusing to participate in Zayd’s tests would hopefully protect the woman who had been forced into his cell for sex. But it would be a frightened Kavan who told Nasir, that if she didn’t ‘pass the test’ the punishment would be worse until it ended in her death.

The relationship between Kavan and Nasir is one of mutual respect and fear. Nasir fears for the safety of the woman with whom he is falling in love and Kavan fears that Nasir is the only man for her, knowing she will be sentenced to a life as a concubine to an evil and cruel man.

We meet Malik-Nasir’s trainer who pushes Nasir even when the man is incapable of fighting and protecting himself. But Malik is overly protective of Kavan which leaves many unanswered questions in Nasir’s mind. It is only when he recognizes the patterns of behavior known by his own countrymen, does Nasir have any hope that there may be a possibility of protecting Kavan once he was gone.

SLAVE TO PASSION is another wonderful addition to Elisabeth Naughton’s Firebrand series of novellas. Elisabeth draws the reader into the storyline from the start. The pain and suffering of the characters is palpable and our heart goes out to men who must endure at the hands of torture and death.

Reviewed by Sandy


17 thoughts on “SLAVE TO PASSION (Firebrand #2) by Elisabeth Naughton

  1. Fantastically gripping review Sandy. My interest is piqued. Sounds like a series based within the Dark side of Fantasy. I have spent a wee little bit *cough* of time there with other authors. LoL. I will check this work out when I am in the mood to head back to the Dark. 🙂

  2. Another fantastic review Sandy, and this book has a hot cover to boot. 😉 I’ve already put this series on my tbr list thanks to one of your previous reviews, and this one sounds even better. *looks around TRC and asks; Does anyone know how to clone a human????* I fear that may be my only way of getting through my tbr list at this point. LOL!!!!

  3. Another wonderful review, Sandy. I have read a few of Elisabeth. She is a very good writer. I also read her standalone book, which at this moment the title escapes me, but it was a great story, and very emotional.

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