SLAYER’S KISS by Cassi Carver-a review

SLAYER’S KISS by Cassi Carver-a review

SLAYER’S KISS by Cassi Carver

SLAYER’S KISS is the first novel for new author Cassi Carver, and the introduction to her new series The Shadow Slayers. Released February 2012, Slayer’s Kiss follows part-time bartender, part-time custodian and part-time ‘witch’ Kara Reed on her nightly jaunts into the seedy underside of life on the street, but when 2 very sexy and gorgeous men move into the apartment next door, Kara knows her life will never be the same. Written in the erotic, adult paranormal genre, Slayer’s Kiss offers the reader a chance to experience a little mystery, a little romance and a little eroticism between the pages of Carver’s first novel.

25 year old Kara Reed and her BFF Abbey are witches, or at least Kara believes she is a witch. With her ability to sense evil, the duo set out on nightly patrols hoping to locate a serial rapist who marks his victims with intricate tribal carvings. Always on the hunt for evil, Kara and Abbey scour the neighborhoods, searching and sensing evil, no matter the cost. And the cost may be too high.

Trying to make ends meet, Kara works as a part-time custodian in a moderate apartment building, where she soon meets the ‘otherwordly’ Gavin-tall, strong and oh, so sexy, and there is a definite attraction between the couple. But Kara’s attempts to persuade Gavin to indulge in her fantasies are met with hesitation and rejection. And to add to an already frustrating evening, Kara’s dreams are haunted by a ‘dark’ lover, with wings.

As the story progresses, Gavin acquires a new room-mate Julian, who is more than willing to play along with Kara’s fantasies, but the reality of the situation is much deeper than just a casual night of excitement. Julian and Gavin are fallen angels, who must guard and protect the ‘King’s’ daughter before she reaches her ‘sexual maturity’—and that daughter, unbeknownst to herself, is Kara. And a condition of that guardianship, is not to engage the female in sexual relations.

Like many supernatural storylines, Slayer’s Kiss reveals an ancient and tribal civilization of the Demiare-where there are too many men and not enough women as potential mates, and therefore the rites and rituals for potential bed-mates adheres to strict guidelines, and at other times-sexual competitions. But Julian’s need and desire for Kara outstrip his sense of duty, and he risks everything and everyone to make the King’s daughter-his own.

With the knowledge that Julian and Gavin are not only fallen angels, but sexually- driven to bond with Kara, she is presumptuous in her regards to their cultural morals and laws. When she is introduced to the island community, where her familial heritage is revealed, Kara makes a grievous mistake that could both humiliate and end the life of a fallen friend, and destroy a love that had only started to burn.

Slayer’s Kiss was an easy read. Although classified as erotic paranormal, I was prepared for the worse, but was pleasantly surprised when the sex scenes were not as sexually charged or as  aggressive  as I have read from other storylines and authors. The premise surrounding fallen angels, was nothing new, but the story and background information was different-a good different. I like the direction Cassi has chosen for her ‘angels’.

Cassi introduces several males with potential storylines, as well as divulges enough background information about the characters that doesn’t overwhelm, as can many introductory novels. There were spots where I questioned the direction of the plot, seeming to perhaps get lost in the overload of information, but Cassi quickly collected her thoughts, and brought the story back to the surface. Kara’s collection of old friends and new, will be brought back together in Cassi’s next instalment in The Shadow Slayer’s series—Shadow Rising in September 2012 and a novella at year’s end. I have no problem recommending Slayer’s Kiss.

Reviewed by Sandy


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  1. Great review. This sounds very interesting.. sounds like a must read.. It is definetly going on my list to read this summer.
    Thanks Again..

  2. Darn it Sandy I am behind on my reading now, I have to add this book to my to buy list. Every time I come here I acquire a new author. LOL

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