STEALING BREATH by Joanne Brothwell-a review

STEALING BREATH by Joanne Brothwell-a review

STEALING BREATH by Joanne Brothwell

STEALING BREATH is the first book (March 2012 release), but second storyline in Joanne Brothwell’s new paranormal romance series. Bordering on urban fantasy, the story takes place in and around the Native American Navajo reservations in North Dakota. Based loosely on the myths and lore of the fabled skinwalkers, Stealing Breath is a fascinating look at a paranormal subject that is becoming more popular. This is my second series featuring skinwalkers, and the premise is very intriguing.

21 year old Sarah Ross is an empath-with the ability to feel people’s emotions. Hoping to aid in the search for a missing 8 year old girl from the local Wakina reservation, Sarah and her friends embark on an overnight campout in the local forests of surrounding the reserve. Several days had passed without a trace and the prospects of finding the child were slim. But when Sarah suddenly finds herself confronting a ghoulish apparition with yellow eyes, she knows she is about to die, Building her strength from within, Sarah is shocked when the force of her fear and anger, shove aside the being trying to draw her last breath. Injured and scared, Sarah tries to escape only to run into a beautiful stranger who is instantly attracted to the girl with Indigo Eyes.

Evan Valente owns Valente Developments- a young businessman hoping to set down roots and developing a nature preserve for both locals and tourists. His attraction to Sarah sparks something between the two and the chemistry is instant. Within days, the couple is an item, but trouble and strange electrical phenomenon seem to follow them. But with sudden realization, Sarah suspects Evan knows what has been happening. Loosing her heart to Evan was never what she had planned. And her friends begin to suspect Evan is hiding a secret or two as well.

Throughout the storyline, Sarah is counseled and confronted by the local Native elders regarding her encounter with the ghoul. But what the elders reveal with shock Sarah-she has the eyes of an Indigo Child- a human evolved with special abilities and it is these abilities that have made her a target. And someone close to Sarah has brought the trouble to North Dakota.

Sarah and Evan’s relationship begins to blur when their powers feed one another. But when the truth is finally revealed, Sarah will force herself to look at the bigger picture. Heartbroken and in pain, she knows to save herself and her friends, it is time to leave her life behind but trouble and love will follow Sarah, and with a renewed determination, Evan will prove to Sarah, that love does conquer all-even with family who wished you were dead.

STEALING BREATH is a bewitching story-shamans, witches, demons, skinwalkers and stories of myth and legends from both North America and across the sea. Joanne Brothwell weaves an exciting storyline that compels the reader to turn the page. There was an April 2012 prequel-Vicarious released with the back story of focusing on Sarah’s relationship with an ex-boyfriend –3 years before she met Evan.

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Reviewed by Sandy


VICARIOUS by Joanne Brothwell

VICARIOUS is the prequel novella to Joanne Brothwell’s  paranormal Stealing Breath.  Set 3 years prior to Stealing Breath, Vicarious follows Sarah Ross as she endeavors to discover the truth about her relationship with Tyler Mansbridge. 6 months together and things were beginning to fall apart. 

It was Tanya’s big summer party and Tyler again bailed on Sarah for the weekend.  But with Sarah’s empathic powers and ability to sense emotions, Tanya was hiding something from Sarah. And it wasn’t until Tanya had too much to drink did the truth about Tyler’s weekend reveal.  And confronting Tyler about the accusations only made Sarah feel worse.  Without any proof she looked like a raging jealous girlfriend. But finding the object of Tyler’s new affections in close proximity forced Sarah to look for the truth-and she knew just who was going to tell her.

Setting Tyler up was going to take some skill, but with her friends and accomplices at her side they made plans to meet up at the local fair.  Not knowing who would be present, it too only a few minutes for Tyler to realize he had been set up.  Humiliation and anger radiated from Tyler, but Sarah knew that her relationship was over with the young man who had once said he loved her. Coming into her own, Sarah knew that one day she would find the right person for her, but it would probably take about 3 years.

VICARIOUS is a short story about 5 chapters in length (told from Sarah’s POV) that introduces the characters and premise behind Joanne Brothwell’s new series.  Although Vicarious never touches on the adventure that will almost end Sarah’s life, it does lay the groundwork for a wonderful storyline.


 Reviewed by Sandy



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