Stolen Vengeance by Dianna Love – Review & Giveaway

Stolen Vengeance by Dianna Love – Review & Giveaway


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Stolen Vengeance
Slye Temp series – Book #6
by Dianna Love
Release Date: March 30, 2015

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He’s the last man she’ll trust and the only one who
can save her.

Slye Temp agent Dingo Paddock walked away from Valene Eklund seven years ago to protect her from a deadly organization, but the woman can’t stay out of trouble. Valene hasn’t forgiven
Dingo for breaking her heart when he disappeared without a word. The last thing
she’ll allow is his interference with her new client, whose contract will dig
her out of financial ruin. She’s lucked into a deal that only comes along once,
but Dingo believes the price is too high – her life – and now an organization
he destroyed to keep her safe has returned to exact vengeance on him. Getting
their hands on the one woman Dingo would walk through fire for? Priceless.

If Dingo and Valene can’t
overcome their past and learn to trust again, multiple assassinations will
be executed, triggering an international conflict. But they can’t save the
world until they figure out how to save each other first.



Stolen Vengeance by Dianna Love is the 6th book in her wonderful Slye Temp series. Stolen Vengeance is another fabulous addition to this series. One thing I can always be sure of is that Dianna Love will give us a thrilling story, filled with suspense, danger, action, excitement all the way through and a fabulous romance, which I finished in one day.

Just a quick refresher: Slye Temp is an agency that is run by Sabrina Slye, which handles covert operations for the government against terrorists. In Stolen Vengeance, Dingo Paddock is our hero, who has been with Sabrina from the start, as they grew up together. Dingo has secretly been keeping an eye on Valene Eklund, the woman he has loved for years, whom he walked away from 7 years before to save her life. But now she is in danger once again, and Dingo will go against the wishes of Sabrina to protect Valene. The only difference is Valene wants no part of Dingo, since when he walked away without a word, he broke her heart.

What follows is an exciting adventure with Valene right in the middle. She needs money to help her sick father, and accepts a new contract to find a stolen artifact that everyone seems to want to get their hands on. Valene ignores Dingo’s request to stay away and not get involved. Of course, she doesn’t listen and a wild action packed edge of your seat thriller ensues that will create problems for Dingo and Valene, with the villains, government and Slye Temp.   But Dingo having let Valene go years before, will let nothing stand in his way to save her.

I will not be giving any spoilers, as most of the above is early on. I will say that the last half of the book was so suspenseful, I could not put the book down, as I had to know what was going to happen next. The romance between Dingo and Valene also heats up in the last half, and they were sizzling together. Another reason I love this series is being able to spend time with the characters we have come to love. Nik had a bigger part in this book, as did Sabrina. I have discovered that the next book belongs to Sabrina, and I am ecstatic about that.

Dianna Love has done it again, with another fabulous story that is non-stop action, with a super romantic couple. Dianna is one of the best at romance suspense, and I never fail to enjoy her stories. In Slye Temp, and the Belador series, Dianna has created some wonderful characters, whether they are the leads or secondary characters. If you have not read this series, or anything by Dianna Love, you are missing a lot. If you like to read romance suspense, pulse pounding action, sexy, with super couples; look no further then the Slye Temp series.   Stolen Vengeance continues the trend of terrific stories, in a series not to be missed.

Reviewed by Barb

Copy provided by Author


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    • Hi Amy – Barb is just amazing at writing reviews. I’m so thrilled that she reads my books and enjoys them!Hi Lori I hope you have fun with Dingo and Valene’s story! If you’d like some signed cover cards for the Slye series, just email my asst – and give her your snail mail. Tell her we chatted on TRC. Thanks for stopping by!

    • Hi Flipping Out (kewl name) – This is why it’s so wonderful of bloggers and reviewers like Barb who connect authors and readers. I hope you get a chance to try out the Slye Temp series. In fact, Last Chance To Run (book 1) is free this month (ebook) and as I mentioned above, if you’d like some signed cover cards for the Slye series, just email my asst – and give her your snail mail. So nice of you to stop by and post a hello!

    • Hi Sandy – Barb is terrific at writing reviews – that is truly a talent! Thank you for the congrats on Stolen Vengeance. That was a big book, but I’ve been waiting a while to write Dingo and Valene’s story, so I’m thrilled to have it released. If you’d like some signed cover cards for the Slye series, just email my asst – and give her your snail mail. Tell her you and I chatted on TRC. Thanks for visiting today!

  1. Barb – You have outdone yourself once again. I’m really flattered by that review and very happy you enjoyed Stolen Vengeance. 🙂 Thanks for a great review with no spoilers and this beautiful blog today! It’s always a pleasure to visit The Reading Cafe. 🙂

    • Hi T. Whitmire – Thank for giving the series a read. The first book – Last Chance To Run – is free this month (ebook) so don’t miss that. 🙂 I hope you enjoy Dingo and Valene’s story in Stolen Vengeance! If you’d like some signed cover cards for the Slye series, just email my asst – and give her your snail mail. Tell her I offered you cards. Thanks for visiting today!

  2. So glad this is the book you shared today. I totally forgot that it’s on my TBR list and I need to reconnect with the Slye Temp series. Glad you had such a positive review. Even more reason for me to hurry up and get lost in the story!

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